Sonos Ray, the powerful yet affordable soundbar designed for small spaces

Sonos introduces us to the Ray, our smallest and most affordable speaker yet. Designed and built for small spaces, it’s aimed particularly at people whose office, living room, or other space is smaller, but still want to take advantage of Sonos’ reputation and distinctive sound.

Sonos no longer needs an introduction, neither in the world of audio products, nor even on my website.

In fact, it is a brand that everyone at especially loves, due to its impeccable sound quality as well as ease of installation and use.

If they are now considered leaders in the wireless audio industry, Sonos has never shy away from offering fairly high-quality products, something it has always felt at the price.

Here comes Sonos taking another step towards the entry level with its Ray speakers which, although not seen as smart, once again meet the expectations that have helped build their reputation.

Thanks to the two speakers, the sound and dialogues of the Sonos Ray tape are excellent.

Clear sound and dialogue, the power of Ray’s tape

Sonos’ power has always given us rich, powerful sound, and despite the small size of the Ray bar, they make it happen again with flying colors.

First, there are four Class D digital amplifiers, which are perfectly tuned to adapt to the acoustic engineering of the speakers.

Then there are two woofers that work great to make sounds more clear, and two mid-bass speakers ensure you don’t hear any distortion.

If the bass is right, it’s really at the level of clarity of the dialogues that the bar is able to bring out. We never miss anything being said, even when the characters whisper.

Moreover, if all this is done automatically, it is especially possible to improve our experience thanks to the Sonos mobile application using the “Audio Enhancement” function.

Finally, since the compact woofer has been thought out and designed for the smallest of rooms, even enclosed spaces, all of its acoustic elements are oriented forward to reduce interference from adjacent surfaces.

Basically, even if we put our Ray in a small corner of our TV cabinet, we’ll always qualify for excellent sound.

Sonos Ray Speakers for Storage in Tight Spaces

Sonos Ray Tape is designed to look great even when stored indoors.

Always very easy to install and use

As I mentioned, we’ve always appreciated the ease of setting up and using Sonos products, and Ray Bar is no exception.

After you take the amplifier out of the case, setup takes place in just a few minutes.

All we need to do is plug in the power cable, connect the included cable to the optical output of your TV or computer monitor, and then open the Sonos app.

Optical output compatible with Sonos Ray speakers

The tape is connected through the optical output of the TV or game monitor.

If it’s our first time, we’ll have to create an account first, but it’s very easy and fast. After that, the app does all the work.

Aside from the supplied wires, nothing else is needed. It is also our current remote control which is used for voice control.

The only thing we need to check is that our monitor has an optical output and that our remote control has an infrared receiver.

When you’re not watching TV or playing a video game, you can use the sound bar to play music, radio, and podcasts through the mobile app.

The latter is compatible with Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and a host of other streaming services like Tidal, TuneIn, etc.

Sonos Ray designed for small spaces

Small piece? No problem because that’s what Ray tape was designed for.

More specific target audience

Ray speakers are the least expensive of all that Sonos has to offer, and aside from those with a smaller budget, they are aimed at a more specific audience, willing to make certain compromises.

For example, don’t look if it has Dolby Atmos audio technology, if it connects to our screens with an HDMI jack or if it integrates voice assistants, because the answer is no.

The Sonos Ray isn’t necessarily for people who have a large home theater room and have a huge, state-of-the-art TV.

On the other hand, if you are in an apartment, or you plan to store the bar in an enclosed space, such as a shelf on a small TV stand, it becomes really interesting.

Note for “players” who want to further install the game: Ray Bar is also ideal for you because it goes well with the decor and is very small.

On top of that, in terms of quality and price, Sonos offers us something that’s hard to beat while the Ray costs just $349.

Considering that the speakers generally sell for between $200 and $300, this is quite a compromise!

Besides, it is quite economy if you compare the price with Beam 2e The generation instead sells for $559.

Either way, if you love the result you get from Ray tape and are interested in pushing your audio experience to the next level, it’s always possible to get other speakers like the Sonos One to create surround sound.

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