The next five months will be complicated for these four signs of the zodiac: perspective problems

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius from June 5 to October 23. This deceleration of Saturn invites us into a fascinating period of reflection. It asks us to review our past decisions and prompts us to analyze our surroundings and relationships. During this cycle of decline we can transform ourselves and change our perceptions of things. It will allow us to move forward and move forward in life. Some signs of the zodiac will be affected by this negative decline and you will feel the low energies of Aquarius.

Discover the four zodiac signs that will be negatively affected by Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius. They will be challenged to be the best version of themselves.

What four zodiac signs will be affected by retrograde Saturn in Aquarius?

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Saturn retrograde occurs every three to four months. In Aquarius, Saturn invites us to internalize and review our social relationships. It also encourages people to assert themselves and question their way of seeing things. Some signs of the zodiac will feel oppressed by certain members of their entourage and will have the impression that they are being judged by others. This period will allow them to focus on their mistakes in the past and undo certain situations.


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Gemini – Source: spm

Geminis are likely to go through this period in a very difficult way.. They will encounter problems and tensions during exchanges with members of their entourage. They will no longer feel out of place in their professional environment and may experience a bout of depression. This period will prompt them to initiate meditation and move towards improving their personality.


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Pisces – Source: spm

Pisces will feel intense emotion during this period of Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius. They will be more sensitive and will have the impression that they are being persecuted by their close entourage as well as by their partners. They will have trouble communicating with a friend and have trouble expressing their feelings. They can experience a class that will change their lives and allow them to focus on their personal projects. They regain self-confidence and gain appreciation with some of the people around them.


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Cancer sign – Source: spm

Cancer patients should remain vigilant during this difficult time because they will feel a little distracted. They will likely undergo this period of retrenchment which will cause them to question themselves and take a step back about certain things. They will have to learn to set the record straight and not take everything their loved ones say to heart. This period will help cancer patients not to put themselves in the position of a victim and face new obstacles. This water sign should be careful not to overdo it and avoid some addiction.


Capricorn problems

Capricorn – Source: spm

Capricorns can experience tension with a loved one or co-worker. They will have communication problems through lack of expression. They will feel misunderstood by those around them and will have the impression that they are not being heard. At work, they will try to make their voices heard, and even though they have good ideas, they will not feel heard. They will have to face new challenges in their professional environment.

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