The trick to chatting on WhatsApp with a password: No one will be able to read your messages

The WhatsApp instant messaging application has now become a technical staple. Thanks to this platform, you can chat with complete confidentiality by entering your password. Only you and your interlocutor will be able to read your messages.

Like an email address, WhatsApp can allow you to integrate a password into your messaging system. Thanks to this set of numbers, you may not be read if someone accidentally puts their hand on your smartphone.

There is an unknown trick on WhatsApp to put a password on your messages

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app on the phone. However, there are tips on this platform that are unknown to the users and are practical on a daily basis. Technology allows you to discuss in complete secrecy Grace or grace When setting a password To protect your messages. WhatsApp can give you a wide range of tricks that will make your life easier.

Use his phone.

Use his phone. Source: spm

This technology aims to prevent you from having someone near your smartphone read the content of your conversations. This is especially useful for parents whose kids use the phone because it’s the best trick to ensure confidentiality. This option on WhatsApp is not new but it is unknown. You don’t need to download an app to protect your conversations with a password. All you have to do is enter the app’s settings, where you can read messages without being seen.

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Connected on WhatsApp. Source: spm

To prevent anyone from accessing your chats and media, you can protect the app with a strong password. You can not only use PIN lock but also fingerprint and FaceID lock for Android and IOS devices. Before using this trick, make sure you have installed the latest app update. Once you do that, tap the setting icon on IOS or the three dots in the top corner of your Android smartphone. Then tap Account, Privacy, then Lock Screen. Depending on your operating system, you will be able to choose the type of lock such as fingerprint reader, passcode, or facial recognition. You can also choose the delay: 1 minute, 15 minutes, or 1 hour. You will need to use the lock method every time you view the app.

There is another trick to protect your messages on WhatsApp

In addition to using this method of authentication, there is another trick that does not require it Protect your messages with a new password. This option is to hide WhatsApp.

In fact, if WhatsApp settings allow you better privacy, you can also hide the app. This option is suitable for both Android and IOS operating systems, although the performance steps are different.

To hide this chatting platformHead to Settings before tapping on Privacy & Invisibility Apps. You will need to enter your password and add WhatsApp to the list of hidden apps. For IOS device, long press the green platform icon and tap Remove from the home screen. When you want to access it, you will have to search for WhatsApp in your apps library or in the search menu if you have an iPhone.

You can ensure your privacy with just a few clicks using these two methods so that no one can read your messages.

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