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We continue our discovery of many Cooler Master accessories. After the ARGB GPU support bracket here is the V2 Universal Vertical Graphics Card Rack Assembly.

The idea is interesting because it is a universal solution for installing a graphics card vertically in a box that usually does not fit into this layout. In fact, not all chests are necessarily equipped with expansion slots that allow this mode.

Cooler Master V2.0 . Vertical Graphic Card Holder Set

We tested it with a medium tower box with seven conventional expansion slots.

Universal V2 Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit, Overview

The V2 Vertical Graphics Card Rack Kit is Cooler Master’s vertical graphics card holder. This version 2 introduces support for PCIe 4.0.

The idea is to allow the graphics card to be positioned vertically in order to stand out. This is particularly interesting if the case has a tempered glass side panel that provides an unobstructed view of the configuration.

Cooler Master provides everything needed for quick and easy installation.

We find a steel bracket with a moving part, and a Riser PCIe 4.0 cable that ensures the connection between the graphics card and the PCIe 4.0 X16 slot of the motherboard and all devices.

The set is presented with dimensions of 184 x 142 x 121 mm and open 239 x 142 x 121 mm.

The beam length of the Rizer is 165 mm, which is more than enough.

Its end is of good quality with fully shielded wires that reduce the risk of breakage during rubbing and pinching. On the other hand, this protection limits its flexibility which slightly complicates installation with medium-tower boxes with limited space.

The group supports graphics cards in slot 2.5 format. It is for all chests with at least seven classic expansion slots.

Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit V2, Installation

Its installation is relatively easy. You must first fix the PCB portion of the Riser cable onto the mobile portion of the metal support using two small Phillips screws.

Then the other end of the cable connects to the PCIe x16 port on the motherboard.

Next, you have to set up the seven expansion slots by freeing them from their PCIe chip. In our case, the process is not complicated because the seven brackets are removable.

They are placed using their position and are incorporated into the structure using thumb screws.

All that remains is to place the graphics card vertically by screwing it into its PCIe 4.0 x16 slot. It is combined with two screws on the moving part. The latter will allow it to be located a few centimeters from the openings for the expansion of the box. why ? The space created in this way is necessary for connecting the video cable.

All these processes do not require complex and careful processing. On the other hand, beware of the processor being too cold. It can limit the space above the graphics card, making installation more difficult.

In our case, the metal hangers holding the fan had to be removed to mount the graphics card. There is also access to a Phillips screw to secure it. If a screwdriver is needed, it needs some space on top.

Another method is to install the graphics card before installing the Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit V2.


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If you have a case with a tempered or windowed glass panel that provides an unobstructed view of your configuration, this V2 Vertical Graphics Card Rack Kit lets you display your graphics card for all to see.

Cooler Master’s approach is simple with an installation that only takes ten minutes. The design is neat, especially on the riser cable side. Its protection is perfect but it limits its flexibility. Therefore, you have to move it manually if the space between the PCIe x16 port on the motherboard and the GPU support is narrow.

For the rest, everything does its job. Our GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition benefited from robust installation with no apparent booting. Price under 50 euros may seem expensive, but be careful. Don’t just add two vertical PCIe slots. It also provides motherboard connectivity with a higher PCIe 4.0 x16 cable bundle, which many home-equipped PCIe vertical slots don’t have.

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