Desktop reels and Twitter ‘communities’: The latest social media features to save time

(ETX Daily Up) – How do we encourage Internet users to create content as quickly and easily as possible? The war to retain users and attract new users continues raging on social networks. Meta, Twitter, and even Pinterest have announced new options to make their tools easier to use. We are evaluating.

More tools to easily create reels

Meta continues to develop its latest tool, Reels. If the format was designed for the smartphone, now it is available on the computer. Users can now ‘Create, Edit, and Publish Facebook Reels’ from [leur] Web browser with Creator Studio,” Meta explained. They can even schedule Reels to be posted to Facebook.

The “release” mode of the reels has also been published on the computer. Content creators will be able to cut their long videos to create reels and even create 60-second clips of their live streamed content. A tool specially designed for gamers who stream their content live. The generated reel will display the game and the player at the same time.

In terms of options, audios, audio sync, which allows videos and songs to be synced automatically, as well as synthetic voices, which converts written texts into audio, are finally coming to Facebook Reels.

Meta has added new metrics to improve the creators’ experience, to better analyze their content. Coverage, minutes watched, average watch time…

On Instagram, Reels also continues to grow. Video duration has now been increased to 90 seconds and ‘Poll’, ‘Test’ and ‘Emoji’ stickers can now be used in Reels.

As for options, Meta allows you to import your own audio on Reel, for a minimum of five seconds. But Instagram is strong with its “model-inspired” option. No need to spend time finding the right snippet of the right music and choosing the right duration to appear for each image in order to reproduce the direction of the moment. From now on, the user will be able to press “Use template to extract audio and clip” from a video and thus reproduce it more easily and more quickly, with the contents modified afterwards. A great feature that can enhance the creation of new content on the social network.

Consult your Twitter communities quickly

The ‘Communities’ option may not be the most popular yet, but Twitter continues to want to expand it. This mode was created to facilitate exchanges on topics closest to users’ tastes. They will be able to view their Twitter communities feed in two ways. The first will provide the latest and most recent tweets, while the second will provide a feed based on user preferences, thanks to the algorithm, through the “For you” feed, which is no different from the TikTok feed, also known as “For” you. Like Meta, Twitter continues to draw inspiration TikTok to promote its platform.

A strategy that could also make it possible to create more content and increase users’ time on the social network if the algorithm proves its worth. Which is very farfetched given the tweets’ criticism of the importance of the Twitter algorithm.

The best recommendations on Pinterest

While online shopping is booming, Pinterest wants to remain an industry leader. To do this, the social network acquired the YES shopping platform, which analyzes user preferences to provide them with products that suit them best.

To create its own algorithm, THE YES relies in particular on the types of tests that make it possible to better determine the tastes and searches of users by asking them to answer “yes” or “no” to images of products from different brands. A process that makes it possible to create better targeted proposals according to the profile. According to Social Media Today, the contract is due to be concluded before the end of June.

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