In the face of the accelerating spread of SARS-CoV-2, the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is calling for everyone’s refill.

“It is necessary to remobilize to limit the spread of Covid-19”Professor Genevieve Chen, Director-General of Public Health of France (SPF), urged in light of the resumption of the epidemic that was highlighted in the agency’s latest epidemiological point.

In Week 24 (13-19 June), Sars-CoV-2 circulation saw its acceleration across the Capital Territory for the third consecutive week. The infection rate is up 29% compared to the previous week and is approaching 500 cases per 100,000 population (compared to 200 three weeks ago).

Increase in critical care admissions

Mechanically, the number of new hospitalizations increased by 12% (with 3,265 admissions), as was the number of new critical care admissions (+12%), for the first time in several weeks. People are primarily concerned with many risk factors, and SPF determines. The number of deaths continues to decline (-19%).

Since the end of April, the SPF has observed a decrease in pooled hospital cases, although 6,447 cases were recorded by 1,308 institutions, between March 2020 and June 2022. It will be linked primarily, in 2022, to the interruption of the application of procedure barriers during visits with relatives or family, during care, or failure to recognize positive cases upon admission. There are a lot of points to improve, the SPF emphasizes, noting that prevention measures are mainly based on examination and precautions against droplets or contacts.

BA.2 replaced by BA.5

The latest data confirms the overall presence of Omicron (100% of sequences) and the gradual replacement of BA.2 (51% of interpretable sequences still from the June 7 flash scan) by BA.5 (41%, vs. 23% at the end of May) and BA 4 (6%). With regard to the evolution of these sublines, the presence of the mutation at position L452 in screening tests continued to increase (64% vs 47% in S23).

SPF investigations on 301 cases of BA.4 and BA.5 showed that 15% of cases occurred after the first infection, as in BA.1. A greater proportion of later Omicron variants reported loss of smell, advanced age, nausea, vomiting, and longer diarrhea. On the other hand, the hospitalization rate was not higher, and the majority of patients admitted to hospital had risk factors, as suggested by previous studies.

Vaccination coverage is struggling to take off. Less than 75% of adults have had their primary and booster vaccinations; Only 30% of those over 80 and 26.5% of those aged 60-79 were given a second booster dose. While only a third of respondents said they had worn a mask in public according to the latest wave of CoviPrev survey, in May 2022, “It is important to continue vaccination efforts and maintain the application of barrier gestures (washing hands, wearing a mask in closed or crowded spaces – festivals, transportation, shops, etc.), even during holidays!”Isabelle Bonmarin, SPF’s director of prevention insists.

A call that joins outgoing Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon’s call in favor of ramping up vaccination and civic responsibility, on June 23, when she herself received her second reminder at a pharmacy in the 7th arrondissement. We don’t want to go back to more restrictive measures right now. But we are monitoring the situation every day to take further action if necessary.” She said.

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