Samsung T7 Shield: The very attractive new portable SSD drive is already on sale

How about taking advantage of summer sales to invest in a new portable SSD drive? At the moment, Boulanger is lowering the price of the Samsung T7 Shield thanks to a €40 discount in the basket as well as a €40 refund offer. Good price for a device that is as stylish as it is powerful.

Well known and well known for its smartphones and TVs, Samsung is also a manufacturer of portable SSDs of choice. For many years now, the Korean company has been marketing stylish and compact SSDs without sacrificing performance. The recent Samsung T7 Shield is a good example, especially since it also relies on solidity.

During the cuts, the Samsung T7 Shield 1 TB (black or beige) benefits from a good lower price in Boulanger. On the other hand, the purchase price drops to €139.99 instead of €179.99. On the other hand, the €40 reimbursement offer lowers the bill. In the end, the Samsung T7 Shield drops to the price of 99.99 euros.

Beautiful and powerful at the same time

While we’re used to seeing SSDs with uninspired designs, Samsung stands out with the T7 Shield. The manufacturer says goodbye to the traditional aluminum exoskeleton in favor of rubber, here in a beautiful beige color. Featuring a grooved component design, this design is both aesthetic and practical.

Samsung T7 Shield SSD

This design provides, first of all, better grip, as well as increased resistance to shocks. Samsung confirms that the T7 Shield can withstand drops as high as three meters. If you are used to taking your SSD with you everywhere, you will no longer be afraid of accidentally dropping it. Additionally, it is IP65 certified and thus benefits from water and dust resistance.

Everything is presented in a really compact form. The T7 Shield is 88mm long and 59mm wide, which is barely larger than a bank card. Weight does not exceed 98 grams.

High flight performance

On a daily basis, write and read speed remains the most important thing for a solid state drive. Compliant with the NVMe standard, the Samsung T7 Shield provides excellent performance. The Korean manufacturer announced a read speed of 1050 MB / s and a write speed of 1000 MB / s. In fact, you will have no problem working on files stored directly on your SSD. Thus, there is no need to move photos and videos to your computer storage before editing them.

Samsung T7 Shield 2 SSD

This performance is enabled by the USB-C 3.2 Gen port located on the edge of the device. Samsung also includes two cables with its SSD drive: USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A, enough to connect it to your various devices. Especially since the T7 Shield works with Mac and Windows computers, as well as Android and iPad devices with a USB-C port.

Companion software support

Samsung has developed its own software to accompany its portable SSDs. It offers many possibilities to its users, starting with encrypting your data. Simply connect the T7 Shield SSD to a computer running Samsung software to enable AES 265-bit encryption. If you wish, you can protect your data behind a password. This will be prompted when the drive is connected to a device. This is enough to protect confidential files.

This same software also takes care of the Samsung T7 Shield. For example, it allows you to update it, measure your disk’s performance using benchmarks or even run a diagnostic. You can even choose from different performance modes, which prioritize performance or fuel efficiency.

Sharp drop in selling price

Designed for adventurers and creators, the Samsung T7 Shield is not lacking in assets. In addition to the original design, it offers very good performance as well as great resistance to external events. All at a really great price during the summer sale at Boulanger.

Until June 29, the Samsung T7 Shield is back at the price of 99.99 euros thanks to an instant discount and a refund offer of 40 euros. Something to enjoy without sacrificing your wallet.

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