Reach insane speeds around the house with 6th Network WiFi Hotspots

Take the internet to another level in every room of your home with the Deco XE75 peripherals from TP-LINK. It’s a router of the type: a mesh network that enables high-speed Internet through Wi-Fi 6e technology and a new frequency of 6 GHz. Ideal for super-fast downloading, streaming or viewing of content on compatible devices.

We are in a world where we have more and more devices that require an internet connection. This can clutter and saturate our network at home if we are not properly equipped. What frustrates us, for example, when trying to watch video content and it “lags”.

This is even more true if we have a large house, of several floors and a large yard. The problem is exacerbated if our internet provider’s router is in the wrong place and cannot be moved.

It then becomes interesting to use a grid system that provides many stations to extend the coverage of our network to the maximum.

TP-LINK has been offering such a system for several years with its Deco stations. This is what we use in our offices at and this is what I personally have at home.

Only here, with the Deco XE75, TP-Link offers compatibility with Wi-Fi 6e and a frequency of 6 GHz.

Bigger WiFi coverage and new frequency

The advantage of selecting a mesh network as with the Deco from TP-Link is that the stations operate like chains. Thus, our Wi-Fi signal is increased tenfold throughout the house so that we do not have rooms where the network is weaker than others.

The novelty of the Deco XE75 stations is that they provide us with 3 distinct frequencies to better organize the distribution of your different devices.

Deco XE75 stations offer a frequency of 6 GHz thanks to the Wi-Fi 6e standard.

We have the classic network using the 2.4GHz frequency. This increases the stability and range of the network. Perfect for connecting our home automation devices to smart homes in particular.

Then we have a 5GHz network. This frequency provides less bandwidth, but gives us faster speed and is ideal for services such as viewing content in “streaming” or by online players.

Finally, TP-Link now offers a third frequency with the Deco XE75. This is 6GHz powered by the Wi-Fi 6e standard

Essentially, it provides more bandwidth and allows you to achieve higher download speeds.

Ultra-fast download speeds

To take advantage of these download speeds, you need to be equipped accordingly. This means that you should have the latest phones, tablets or computers on the market and see if it is compatible with Wi-Fi 6e.

As part of our tests, we can test it with a Pixel 6 Pro that is compatible with this Wi-Fi standard.

discovery? It’s amazing to see how fast we can reach the maximum speed of our internet package. Within barely 1 second, we hit over 400Mbps.

Deco XE75 WiFi 6e

Whether it’s for streaming, video games, or virtual reality, Wi-Fi 6e delivers amazing download speeds.

Understand again that you must have a high speed internet package to take full advantage of these peripherals. If we had a plan, say 50 Mbit/s, these stations wouldn’t give us any faster speed.

Deco XE75 can also support speed up to 5400Mbps. It’s great, except that the problem is that no internet provider in Quebec offers that kind of speed at the time of this writing. At best we can have 3000 Mbps.

In short, these terminals are aimed at those who have compatible devices, a great internet package or those who want to be avant-garde and prepare for the years to come.

Quick setup of our web

In addition to the increased coverage and insane speeds that TP-LINK’s Deco XE75 offers us, what’s fun is that it’s very easy to install and configure.

No joke, TP-Link literally takes us by the hand with its compatible mobile app on Android and iOS devices.

We connect one of the terminals to our modem and then follow the steps given in the application. And yes, the explanations are in French! In 5-10 minutes, the trick is done.

Deco mobile app configuration

Deco XE75 stations are configured via the TP-Link Deco mobile app for Android and iOS.

Built-in parental control and antivirus

Like all TP-Link routers, there is again parental control and antivirus on the Deco XE75.

Also through the mobile application it is possible to set priority devices, hours of use and cut off Internet access for any device at any time.

What causes some crying to cut off a part of our kids on the internet because it’s too late!

Finally, the antivirus can scan and block intrusion attempts and identify malicious websites and files that are about to be opened.

Deco XE75: a good buy?

Not to give any, the Deco XE75 Network Network Stations from TP-Link have several qualities that make it a great product.

Great coverage for even network throughout the home. Ultra-fast download speed. Easy to install. Parental control and built-in antivirus. Everything is really appreciated.

All you need is to have compatible devices and high internet speed to get the most out of it.

If not again, it is about the idea of ​​being ahead of the times and actually being prepared for the moment when we will be equipped accordingly.

If this is not our case, there are other deco stations from TP-Link that adapt to the different network speeds we may have.

However, if it’s the Deco XE75s that really interests us, we’ll have to break the wallet chains as the two-part kit starts at $429.

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