Turbo Golf Racing: The Rocket League title with golf seen again in the video during Summer Game Fest 2022

game news Turbo Golf Racing: The Rocket League title with golf seen again in the video during Summer Game Fest 2022

Turbo Golf Racing is back in the spotlight! The game, which mixes car racing and golf, is benefiting from Summer Game Fest 2022 to determine its release date as well as the announcement of the opening of the beta and the arrival of the beta stage.

Turbo Golf Racing: Golf and cars =

Like many games in Show future games Last March, Turbo Golf Racing also pointed the tip of its nose during the Summer Games Festival and more specifically during Saturday’s Future Game Show. The title is noted for its style and gameplay, perhaps inspired by the now famous Rocket League: Turbo Golf Racing is a game that mixes car racing and golf, where players have to do well thanks to their mastery of physics.

Watch the trailer released during this futuristic game show, where many elements of the game are explained. Throwing the golf ball through the rings should speed it up, while avoiding hitting obstacles in the player’s way.

Turbo Golf Racing: What is the release date?

Either way, Turbo Golf Racing puts great emphasis on the fairway side and invites up to eight players to race tires against each other to be the first to cross the course and get the ball into the hole. Customization options are also unlockable.

To mark the release of this trailer, the developers of Hugecalf Studios have scheduled a beta phase: it will take place between June 11-20. A free trial is already available on Steam: a chance for the most curious to test the title ahead of its upcoming release on August 4th on PC, the Xbox series, and on Xbox Game Pass upon release.

About Summer Fest

What is the Summer Games Festival?

There’s no E3 this year, but we can still count on another global event: Summer Game Fest, a big show dedicated to announcements of upcoming video games this year or years to come. In 2020, journalist and host Jeff Keighley launched this now unmissable festival for the first time. Last year, the show featured stunning visuals from the Elden Ring; So inevitably, the third iteration raises high expectations.

When does Summer Game Fest 2022 start?

The Summer Games Festival takes place on Thursday, June 9th at 8pm. The show will once again be followed by a developer day session dedicated to the indie scene.

How to follow the summer game Fest 2022?

At JV, we will interact directly with advertisements from the LeStream channel along with Maxildan and Aymeric Lallée in particular. The show will also be directly visible as a teaser on the JV homepage. And for those who prefer to read, you will, of course, find our news throughout the conference. A written summary will also be available

What is Summer Game Fest 2022?

Among the games that should not be missed, there is in particular the heir to Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol, which shows us the first gameplay images. For its part, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offers the first level. Also in the program are: Gotham Knights, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, the first game from studio Aaryn Flynn (formerly Bioware) Nightingale, JRPG One Piece Odyssey, the free game Warframe or even Planet of Lana. As Jeff Kelly declared: “We have some announcements about the new game to offer and hopefully you’ll get some surprises if all goes well. But it’s definitely a show that mostly focuses on things that were predicted. ”

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