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On Tuesday, Kent Hughes meets with the media zoomed in from Buffalo for an NHL stunt. When asked about Martin St. Louis’s contract, he postponed it. He adds that Martin is currently vacationing abroad with his family.

The Canadian announced Wednesday morning via Twitter that Martin St. Louis will become the number 32e Head coach in the team’s history. What happened in less than 24 hours? Only CH knows.

It’s details, I know. Signing the St. Louis contract was a bad secret. however. The Canadian names his coach via Zoom?

While the general manager and vice president of hockey is away and in the middle of a crucial week for the July draft? This must be the famous “other times, other habits…”.

What surprised me most about St-Louis is that the only thing he knows is that he knows nothing. Obviously at CH, we’re in an expectation management mode. natural. Martin St. Louis is a pure breed of winners. Of those who are willing to die for victory. Confirmation of his three-year tenure with Habs sparked a wave of optimism on social media. Everyone agrees that Martin will not accept the loss for three years. The most ambitious dream of next spring’s playoffs. However…

Develop first

The coach’s words do not go in that direction. Martin does not want to say anything about what awaits him in the fall. There are many doubts about the numbers he will lead. He retreats to a clear principle: first, develop the youth well, then the results will come.

I suggest here that the best quality of coach Martin St. Louis is really his biggest flaw. Development is crucial in hockey. For St. Louis, that’s the key. Kent Hughes, too. With this quality, Martin was able to make the most of it in the US peeing classes. Americans have long understood what the various commissions are now trying to entrench in Quebec: the process is far more important than the results.

However, we seem to be missing a few small details here. This is the Canadians, the largest hockey organization in the world.

This is a billionaire company that just manages results. Market shares of matches on TV, the demand for tickets, merchandise, good beer … Everything is taken into account and everything depends on the results, not the process.

This proves that despite the Stanley Cup Final not a year ago, Dominique Ducharme cashing a check no worse playing golf and starting Martin St. Louis on a three-year contract. Mainly because the audience lost interest for the lack of results.

I am no more against development than I am against virtue. I understand the management of expectations dictated by communication and advocated by Martin St. Louis. In fact, how long will this beautiful intent last?

Cuts from heart

General - Martin St. Louis Head Coach

In Alliance, Montreal’s new professional basketball team. There is an uproar in Verdun. The people are there, the show is excellent. NBA stars Luguentz Dort and Chris Boucher attend matches and support local residents. Annie LaRoche His bold bet wins with great fanfare. You should definitely see it right away. I will be back there on Tuesday.

kick Mouth

General - Martin St. Louis Head Coach

To the authorities of the Verdun region. The hall was renovated at a great cost. The transformation is wonderful. Until the loudspeakers begin to emit offensive, unharmonious sounds. Alliance investors add luster to Verdun. May the city support them with a generous voice. Mayor Plant You’ll know if she showed up in the opening match…

Little 2 in…

General - Martin St. Louis Head Coach

Another victory for the alliance tomorrow, this time against the Guelph Hawks. Maybe in front of another full house, which isn’t a trifle on a Sunday at 4pm in the middle of summer. To get a true picture of Montreal in 2022, you have to go to Verdun for a party is happening Alliance. There’s just something going on there that’s eye-opening and fun.

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