With unequal forces

John Cooper said: “You can lose 1-0, or even 3-0, or 7-0, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to forget all that and get back to work and win the next game. These are the playoffs. . »

Cooper is absolutely right. Avalanche advanced 2-0 and the Stanley Cup final series moved to Tampa, the home of the Lightning, a place he particularly loves.

It dictates: Cuper and his group must now win four of their next five matches. Anything can happen, but this time the mission seems impossible.

I want to believe you forgot about match #2. Tonight, we’re starting from scratch.

However, the scenario is no longer the same.

The Lightning is a team of proud skaters. Over the years, they have dominated the professional hockey world. They have learned to win in adversity.

But I am convinced that doubt has settled into the lightning.

Cooper is a smart coach.

Victor Hedmann is a great defender. Ryan McDonagh is a warrior.

Stephen Stamkos fills his lead role very well, being the one who takes mentors when things get tough.

Nikita Kucherov is an intelligent player, talented when he makes the most of his resources.

And Andrei Vasilevsky always changed the game at the most tense moment.

However, in Denver, during the first two games, the avalanche players confirmed a trend observed several years ago.

Ultimately, if a team doesn’t have the speed to implement its game concept, it won’t make it to the podium. Avalanche is a team superior to lightning in terms of speed.

Player Support

At the start of the series, I brought up an item we had to think about: Can the supporting players in Tampa compete on the same level as the Colorado players?

The answer is no. The avalanche confirmed this beyond a reasonable doubt in the first two games of the series. “This team is playing at a very high level,” Cooper said. But we can do better on our part. »

We all agree on this point.

But, this time, Cooper knows how to make adjustments: How do we slow down an avalanche’s lightning attack? How will we be able, over the next two games in Tampa, to limit the visits of an opponent who has developed a sly pleasure in playing spoiler at Vasilevskiy Stadium, to the point of hampering the actions of the defensive brigade? ..too reliable and usually too solid?

He had never seen one like him.

the speed

The speed of the avalanche also frustrated the plans of the best opposition teams. Stamkos, Kucherov, Point and Palat fail to alarm Darcy Quimper.

exactly the contrary.

why ?

Because they do not have the disk. And when they can touch the disc, there’s always one or two Colorado players stepping in.

There is also Cale Makar and his group quickly creating confusion for Lightning when they re-launch their formation attack. Immediately in lightning, there is a recoil reaction.

We try to cling to the defense quickly, but the reaction time is not fast enough to erect a wall at the height of the Blue Line.


An avalanche attack with such force that destabilizes lightning.

Surely lightning can do better. This team will find a satisfying audience for the past few years. But the question remains: Can Lightning players forget the doubt that may have crept into their analysis of the two games in Denver?

Previous experiences proved that Cooper and his group always found a way to set the record straight. But, this time, does the opponent have all the resources to take revenge so hard?

Tampa won’t get faster in 48 hours.

Vasilevskiy could prove to be a huge obstacle on the path taken so far by the avalanche.

Yet the opponent is the scariest, most intimidating and toughest he has faced in recent years. What makes his task even more difficult is that his colleagues have not found an answer to respond to an eager competitor.

” Tonight [samedi]We played with passion, we were a hungry group, a determined group. Jared Bednar said.

“Dangerous” is the word that sums up the Colorado Avalanche well.

culture And the… Speed

Kent Hughes’ message upon his arrival in Montreal revolved around two elements: we have to find our culture and we have to recruit fast players. The Colorado Avalanche is an example. Joe Sakic’s patience served him well, allowing him to conclude transactions that met the organization’s needs while recruiting first-class skaters. Hughes has the right items to revive the franchise if he sticks to his business model based on youth and speed… Kyle Dupas has fired goalkeeper coach Steve Brier, but was he responsible for Peter Mrazick’s setbacks? Will Dubas try his luck alongside Comber, Gibson, Fleury, all the keepers waiting for the right deal? …

Are the rumors that the Chicago Blackhawks are trying to trade Alex DeBrinkat true? Hard to believe? Is Patrick Kane untouchable? Yeah, until the Blackhawks get an offer that’s hard to refuse…

Did Joel Quinville ask Gary Bateman to review his file? It seems that some teams are waiting for the commissioner’s decision before making the final decision to appoint a coach…

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