The Stanley Cup Final: A Rare Phenomenon

Tampa | The guards’ workload wasn’t what it used to be. In the past seven seasons, only one of them has seen action in over 70 regular matches: Cam Talbot, with the Edmonton Oilers, in 2016-2017.

The point of this tendency to divide the work between two authoritative masked men is to preserve the energies of the trusted goalkeeper so that he can carry the team on his shoulders throughout the elimination period.

Because at this point, the habits remained the same. Barring a disaster, the first goalkeeper spends two months in goal. In NHL history, few teams have won the Stanley Cup using two goalkeepers.

In fact, according to research by associate Steven Wino of The Associated Press, only three used goalkeepers for at least five victories: the Canadians in 1969, the Boston Bruins in 1972 and Pittsburgh in 2017.

Avalanche could join that shortlist by winning the prized trophy. Due to Darcy Comber’s injuries over the past few weeks, he and Pavel Francoz have contributed roughly equally. And before the fourth match of the final, on Wednesday evening, Comber had signed eight wins against six for the Czech.

Franchise Record

Moreover, what is interesting is that Francos scored a mark of excellence by winning six playoffs in a row. Record he shares with Philipp Grobauer and… Mario Jocelin. The latter founded the brand in the spring of 1987 with Nordiques.

In normal times, players often feel more comfortable with one goalkeeper. This appears not to be the case in Colorado.

“I’ve seen it since the start of qualifying. Both guys had to jump into the fight at one point or another and they got the job done. It doesn’t matter who’s standing in front of the net, we’re confident,” said defender Jack Johnson.

This confidence is built through the season. Kuemper specifically acquired the Arizona Coyotes last July to help the avalanche reach the promised land, winning 37 of the 57 games he played.

“Whenever we needed him to step up his game, he would,” bragged head coach Jared Bednar.

for every work

Less busy, Francoz still scored 15 wins in 21 games.

“Both goalkeepers have done a fantastic job throughout the season,” said striker GT Comper. It was like the rest of our training. Players came as reinforcements, and some took the place of others. Everyone knew how to do their job when the time came. »

After the rain comes the beautiful weather

Franco’s story. Never drafted, the 32-year-old goalkeeper played five campaigns in the Czech Republic and three more in the KHL before crossing the Atlantic and joining the Avalanche organization.

“When I was in the KHL, I started to think that I could get into the NHL one day. But during my years in the Czech Republic, it never occurred to me.”

“My first year in Russia. I didn’t have a good season and got injured often. It made me realize that life is full of ups and downs. When you’re at your lowest, you have to encourage yourself by telling yourself that good weather always comes back after the rain.”

It’s a safe bet that with his team approaching the Stanley Cup, the sun has never been so shining.

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