Jurassic Park: The kids of the epic have grown up so well!

They haven’t appeared in the “Jurassic World: the world after” credits but have featured the dinosaur saga on episodes since 1993. Back to the franchise’s kids and their journey after leaving the park.

Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), Claire Dering (Bryce Dallas Howard), Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Eli Sattler (Laura Dern), Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum): Jurassic World Reunion: The World After It Happened Among Uninvited Adults “Children of the Jurassic period” to the epic conclusion. Only Isabella Sermon, who portrays a character introduced in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and now at the center of the narrative and genetic issues of the later authorship, thus stands out against the giganotosaurus and other giant grasshoppers.

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Ariana Richards at the “Jurassic World 3” premiere in Los Angeles on June 6, 2022

While Ariana Richards, the unforgettable Lex Murphy from Jurassic Park (ah, jello scene…), paraded the red carpet for the movie premiere jurassic world 3 A few days ago, let’s highlight the actors who have faced off with dinosaurs since 1993. Their Hollywood careers didn’t necessarily explode then, but their adventures (and shouts) allowed (and will allow) millions of young viewers to learn about their lost characters in Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.

Ariana Richards (Lex, Jurassic Park)

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Save my jaw Jurassic Park It displays a short sequence time at the beginning of The Lost World, Ariana Richards (Now 42 years old) He didn’t tour much later. In addition to a few episodic roles in television films, she has proven herself above all as an artist of great talent, several times rewarded for His writings.

Joseph Matzello (Tim, Jurassic Park)

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After “grilling like toast” and escaping the claws of a velociraptor in the kitchens Jurassic ParkJoseph Matzelau played alongside Meryl Streep at La Rivière sauvage, and under the direction of Richard Attenborough (John Hammond in Jurassic Park) at Les Ombres du Coeur, before appearing again in lost world It’s time to veil. Rarely seen on screens after that, the actor, 38, nevertheless found Spielberg for the Brothers in Arms series, and was most recently seen on the cast of Bohemian Rhapsody, playing guitarist for the group Queen, and season 3 of American Crime Story.

Camilla Belle (Kathy, The Lost World)

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After the intro scene lost worldCamilla Belle (35) pursued her acting career, landing some significant roles. The sequel participated in the drama The Ballad of Jack and Rose with Daniel Day-Lewis, before starring in “Terror on the Line” and then in Film “Peplum” 10000. She is also a model, and has since appeared in independent series and films.

Vanessa Lee Chester (Kelly, The Lost World)

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young star lost world next to Jeff Goldblum Vanessa Lee Chester, who played her daughter, a muse and muse (and a killer gymnast), is now 37 years old. If you haven’t yet found a significant role like Kelly’s, she has had quite a few appearances in blockbuster series like Veronica Mars, FBI: Missing, Shameless or even in the 17-year-old teen comedy Again.

Colton James (Benjamin, The Lost World)

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At the age of 9 years in lost world, dressed in pajamas in his childhood room, was woken up by a T-Rex mom who came to quench his thirst at the family pool in San Diego… before devouring the dog. Now 34, Colton James has since restricted himself to small roles in films (Austin Powers 2, The Cell) but especially on television, including a recurring role on 7 At Home in 2007). His last on-screen appearance was in a 2010 episode of Supernatural.

Trevor Morgan (Eric, Jurassic Park III)

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At the age of 9 years in lost world, dressed in pajamas in his childhood room, was woken up by a T-Rex mom who came to quench his thirst at the family pool in San Diego… before devouring the dog. Now he is 34 years old, Colton James Subsequently, a series of small roles in the cinema (Austin Powers 2And the cell) but especially on TV, particularly a recurring role in 7 at home in 2007). His last on-screen appearance dates back to 2010 in an episode of supernatural.

Blake Michael Bryan (Charlie, Jurassic Park III)

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Remember: he who, almost an infant, nicknamed Alan Grant “the Dinosaur Man” in Jurassic Park 3 … and picked up the phone to save the expedition, threatened by a Spinosaurus. Blake Michael Bryan’s Hollywood career – revealed in The Young and the Restless where he played Noah Newman for 15 episodes – has been pretty short, as he only briefly appeared in two films after his small role with Dinosaurs, in 2004 and then 2009.

Nick Robinson (Zach, Jurassic World)

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Present on the cast in the first Jurassic World alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard but absent from the second and third divisions, Nick Robinson (now 27) continued his acting career by sharing the La 5th wave label and playing under the direction of Rob Reiner. He was particularly noted by the interpretation of the main character of the teenage rom-com Love, Simon (who then found him again for a few appearances in the Love series, Victor he produces), as well as in the series A Teacher and Maid.

Ty Simpkins (gray, Jurassic World)

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Younger brother of Nick Robinson in jurassic world First from the name, young Ty Simpkins also crossed paths with Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, and was also present at his funeral at the end of Avengers: Endgame. After starring in The Nice Guys and the latest Insidious, could he soon appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even be offered a place in what some rumors are already calling “Young Avengers?”? Meanwhile, at the age of 20, he continues his career between series and independent films.

Isabella Sermon (Mizzie, Jurassic World 2, Jurassic World 3)

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discover Isabella Sermon At the age of 11 inches Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, as Maisie Lockwood, a young woman whose birth and genetic background are among InGen’s closely-guarded secrets. The British actress, who will celebrate her 16th birthday at the beginning of July, is now at the center of issues Jurassic World: The World Beyond.

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