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Razer’s first green gaming mouse! Discover Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential

Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, is celebrating World Environment Day today by announcing it Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential are the world’s first gaming mice to be certified UL ECOLOGO, a world leader in security sciences. The mice passed the UL2710 assay, Sustainability investigation blueprint for portable electronicswhich certifies mice as sustainable products.

Razer has gone through a certification process to assure fans that its best-selling mice meet stringent industry standards for environmental performance. Earning the ECOLOGO label means that the products have been evaluated by an independent scientific third party and align with Razer’s goals transparently with its community. The fact that Razer received its first-ever ECOLOGO-certified mouse demonstrates the brand’s commitment to making more eco-friendly products, which is also a cornerstone of its ten-year sustainability plan. #GoGreenWithRazer.

razer ecogo razer ecogo

The first gaming mouse to get UL ECOLOGO certification

Razer chose to offer these mice for approval not only because they are best-selling, but also because they are the most accessible, allowing gamers to make more sustainable choices. In order to be able to be certified with the ECOLOGO® label, UL has examined several sustainability criteria. They assessed the mice for compliance with EU-restricted hazardous chemicals regulations and also assessed them for skin irritation and sensitivity.. UL also evaluated the process for managing Razer’s repair and replacement, from how easy it is to disassemble the product by authorized service providers, to how Razer communicates with service providers about components that require selective waste treatment.

sustainable packaging Another standard the mice met: They’re housed in packaging made from FSC-certified materials that are free of heavy metals and chlorine and printed with sustainable soy ink, making them easy to recycle.

Finally, UL is also inspecting Razer facilities to certify that mice were manufactured in facilities committed to responsible environmental stewardship, as evidenced by ISO 14001 . Certification.

“What better way to celebrate World Environment Day than to share with our community that the mice that help them win games are also a win-win for the environment,” said Kenneth Ng, Razer’s Director of Sustainability. “Unlike other companies that claim to have sustainable products, we do everything we can to prove to our audience that our products are truly sustainable. Our gaming community can rest assured that their favorite mice have been carefully vetted by a trusted scientific organization that has studied a comprehensive list of criteria to give us Certificate. ECOLOGO®. »

« Grâce à l’utilisation de la certification ECOLOGO®, les entreprises telles que Razer peuvent démontrer leur engagement au développement durable et à un environnement plus sain avec une certification et un examen de tierce partie crédible par un é deco programs bellable d In the world, “ Doug Lockard, vice president and general manager of UL’s Retail and Consumer Products Group. “Eco-labels, such as ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD, environmental product statements or validation of environmental claims, can help customers make informed purchasing decisions and select products with desirable environmental and sustainability attributes.”

razer ecogo

Razer and UL introduce sustainable manufacturing of gaming products

This isn’t the first time Razer and UL have teamed up to promote sustainability in the industry. Last year, during RazerCon 2021, the digital celebration of all things gaming, Razer announced its partnership with UL to promote Type III Ecological Product Declaration (EPD) Environmental Label To encourage sustainable manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing of toy products. This initiative was driven by the fact that the video game industry lacked a standardized way to measure sustainable products, and Razer sought to provide one.

Through this partnership, Razer and UL have launched an industry-wide effort to identify key indicators of environmental impact that should be measured by all manufacturers of gaming products. With Razer at the forefront of the industry in making sustainability a settlement of gaming, the result will lead to more effective solutions for manufacturers to incorporate more sustainable practices into every step of their production process.

Razer is committed to going the extra mile in creating environmentally friendly products while empowering consumers with the knowledge to make more informed choices. While the new ECOLOGO label will be on all Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential mouse packaging by the end of 2022, all existing users can rejoice knowing their mice are sustainably made.

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