Chance and cunning…

Everyone goes to the balance sheet by the end of the season.

The Gorton/Hughes duo were quick to do their job the day after the regular schedule. Since then, Canadian leaders have seen some of the games of young skaters that will grab attention during the amateur auction.

The professional scouts continued their work by watching a few playoff games and a few MLS meetings.

Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes headed to Finland for the World Hockey Championship. We wanted to get a clear idea of ​​some of the players.

Then there was the “plural”.

We have confirmed the return of Martin St. Louis, a three-year agreement.

This was followed by several interviews with the sought-after prospects in the first round of the July 7 draft.

And discussions are continuing with several of their NHL counterparts, as each is searching for the right deal, and each is trying to achieve great success.

under review

We know the situation in which CH finds himself. We know the concerns caused by the generous, not to mention absurd, payroll and contracts awarded to a few athletes.

It will be said the truth, but in fact, the revolutionaries, as well as Gorton and Hughes, do not care about reality. You have to move forward, and even if the obstacles are many, they are hired to get past them.

We are ready to give them time.

But in a market like Montreal, patience has its limits.

As part of their first major audition, Gorton and Hughes are currently undergoing revision. They must pass it with distinction. Gorton has been well served by his experience over the past few years, particularly with the New York Rangers.

Can he show the same amount of flair in Montreal?

Hughes made his mark in negotiating lucrative contracts for his clients. His sense of negotiation brought him to the other side of the fence. Will he be able to make the right adjustments?

If we rely on the past of the decision makers, the relaunch of the organization appears to be well underway.

The next few weeks have some surprises waiting for us.

Bryce and Richardson

A quick look at the news of the last few days.

Hey, there’s nothing new in the Carey Price case. Are you surprised?

Does Luke Richardson have what it takes to lead an NHL team? If we rely on the comments of players who have rubbed him in recent years, he has everything to succeed. Now it is up to him to impress the Chicago Blackhawks.

Who can replace the Canadian? Would Eric Desjardins be interested? I’m just asking the question. We better understand that St. Louis avoided a slippery slope the other day, assuring he didn’t see any change in the assistants, but you never know in that environment…

Evander King

What is the real value of Evander Kane in the free agent market? He would never, unless the owner fell on his head, get a contract like the one the sharks gave him, $49 million for seven years.

In this case, Doug Wilson, the then general manager of San Jose, certainly hadn’t finished his homework. Otherwise, he would not have submerged his organization in such a file. Kane is one of the best attacking powerhouses in the league, and everyone affirms that, except he has enough reputation to scare off any official.

Mystery in Boston

Patrice Bergeron denies involvement in the decision to fire Bruce Cassidy and we have to believe him. Nor David Pasternak. How do you explain that Boston General Manager Don Sweeney assured his coach that he would have the opportunity to complete the final year of his contract and that, a week later, he knocked on Cassidy’s house door for him? Declared that “it’s over”?

Question: Cam Neely, president of Bruins, would he have made that decision? If that was the case, Sweeney’s powers had been visibly diminished…

Earlier this week, some Boston columnists teased what the Bruins’ four lines might look like at next season’s opener. Obviously without relying on Bergeron (in thinking) and Brad Marchand (process). Defender Charlie McAvoy (the operation) will also be absent.

The three will be Taylor Hall – Eric Haula – David Pasternak, Craig Smith – Charlie Coyle – Jake Debrosk, Trent Frederick Jack Studenica – Fabian Lisel, Nick Foligno – Thomas Nozick Oscar Steen. Hmm, good luck to the next boss.

carousel coaches

Detroit, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Vegas, Philadelphia and Winnipeg show the same sign: Find a coach.

Edmonton has yet to confirm Jay Woodcroft’s return.

Have we forgotten the Florida Panthers? Andrew Brunet, after losing in the playoffs, has very little chance of getting another mandate.

Moreover, Bruce Cassidy’s name was fast spreading in the corridors of Panthers.

He could be a very serious candidate. His time in Boston provided him with many arguments and with this organization he could find players who align with his philosophy.

The Panthers have a good group of defenders, and they have two good goalkeepers, things that Cassidy could count on with the Bruins in recent seasons.

Three players will be highly regarded as Jonathan Huberdeau, Alexander Barkoff and Aaron Ekblad.


The Tampa Bay Lightning isn’t a better roster than the past two seasons, but this team hasn’t lost any of its culture, passion, and desire to win.

It came in second place against the Toronto Maple Leafs, with the result being a win in the final. She was trailing the New York Rangers and now leads the series 3-2. I’ve eliminated the Panthers in four games without their best center, Brayden Point.

Simply impressive.

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