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There was a lot of atmosphere on Saturday evening at the Videotron Centre. The “larvae” were many and noisy, from the floor to the runway heights, for Slipknot’s intense passing.

The Des Moines formation stopped in Iowa in Quebec with “Knotfest Roadshow” at Ho99o9 and Cypress Hill.

The show was presented by the play For those about to rockAs has been the case for several years, the crowd began shouting, lights flashing on phones and singing the chorus of this great AC/DC hunk.

Suddenly, the curtain ends up with the group’s name written in red. Our eyes look in all directions. They are nine on stage. They are all hidden and spread over two levels and three corridors. Puffs of flame explode.

The evening begins with explosives disasterAnd the We wait and bleed the stripper all life.

“Thank you, thank you and thank you very much, how are you? It’s been a very, very long time since we came to your beautiful city,” singer Corey “The Clown” Taylor said, promising an evening full of craziness.

This was Slipknot’s return to the ancient capital from their time on the Plains in 2019.


Slipknot, in concert, is a massive launch session with, in the lead, one of Planet Rock’s best leaders. The “clown” knows how to lead a crowd. Fun crowd all evening.

Slipknot picked up everywhere in her collection. From his first album to We are not your typeas a reward, Chapeltown rag An excerpt from his upcoming album, which is coming out soon, soon, Taylor explained.

Acoustic caustic magma, delivered to a large number of decibels, sometimes gives way to melodies that can be heard, as during unholyAnd the The devil is in me And during the huge Mental. Slipknot even replayed at these concerts, “The Ride.” SniffIt is a rare moment of calm that the group has not played in 10 years.

The evening ended as it began with a double rage People = shit and show up.

Corey Taylor promised that the formation, who was born 23 years ago, will be around for the next 23 years. And to hear the fans’ reaction, they will definitely be there. Loyal “worms”.

Just before Slipknot arrived, Cypress Hill was this evening’s surprise. It must be said that we have lost sight of them a bit since their visit to the Parc des Francophonie in 2014.

solid cypress hill

B Real, member of Cypress Hill

Didier Debuscheur’s photo

B Real, member of Cypress Hill

DJ Lord, behind his equipment and a huge replica of a human skull, warmed the audience with an introduction we heard black sabbathImperial March of Star Wars, Tiger EyeAnd the purple mist And the Song for Metallica.

Without Sen Dog, who is recovering from surgery, Cypress Hill provided a solid hour of hip-hop. B – Real started it gently with his nose and double voice When the shit falls And the ladder on the pump.

Like it’s true, he fired a long firecracker, during the “mix” where we heard Dr. Greentham And the hits to bong. There was a smell of marijuana in the air and it did not come from the scene.

The party was solid and B-Real set it on fire crazy in the brain and a slice of Jumping around the house of pain Where on Earth it was absolutely insane.

At 6:30 p.m., in an amphitheater that was not yet full, American band Ho99o9 (Horror) made a great impression, with fans of punk and hip-hop.

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