Are apps spying on you through your phone’s camera? Just click this button to find out

Not every app you find in the Play Store or Appstore is safe. Some of it might be malware that leaks Google’s security checks, and some might be asking for more permissions than they need to. Such is the case for accessing the camera or microphone of your smartphone, which is very dangerous because it may spy on you without permission. Here’s how you can avoid this situation.

Believe it or not, many apps revoke the permissions and most users accept them without a doubt. For example, if you install a voice recorder, it’s normal for it to use your phone’s microphone, but it doesn’t have to ask you to check your contact list or access the camera.

Fortunately, there is a way that allows you to select which installed apps have more permissions than you need. This way you can remove access to your camera, microphone, or contacts. It is worth noting that the steps may differ slightly depending on the brand of your smartphone.

cell phone microphone

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1. Enter the mobile settings and look for the privacy option

2. Select Authorization Manager

3. Several options will appear. Go to the camera or microphone to see all the apps that have access to it.

4. If you find an app that should not have access to this permission, just click on it and delete it.

5. If you do not remember installing this application, it is recommended that you uninstall it.

6. You can also check which apps have access to your contacts list, SMS, files and media, and location, among other options.

Put the phone in the charging position

Put the phone to charge next to the bed – Source: spm

Other Smartphone Tricks

How do you know if your smartphone will no longer receive Android updates?

Google’s operating system, Android, releases constant updates to add interesting functions that allow the user to make better use of his smartphone. However, not all phones receive it. For this reason, we show you how you can find out if your mobile phone will have new versions of the app.

Android 11 is the next version of the operating system which will provide many options for many smartphone models. Although Google hasn’t released an official list of all phone brands, there are a few very reliable pointers it will answer.

Here are the steps to follow to check if you have the latest update:

1. Open your phone settings.

2. At the bottom, tap System and then System Update

3. The update status is displayed. Follow the steps shown.

Why not charge your smartphone in bed?

Smartphone has become an integral part of our daily life because many people use it to communicate with their family and friends. This device is also useful for viewing multimedia content or even sending emails or other tasks. However, this also leads to addiction and bad habits among the users who do not part with their phones.

For this reason, people often make the mistake of charging a smartphone on the bed, without knowing the danger they are exposing themselves to.

Why do new smartphones no longer have a headphone jack?

If technology is constantly changing, some features and equipment disappear in smartphones. This is the case for the removable batteries, the radio, the start button, and also the headphone inputs or audio jack.

Phone makers have come a long way in developing devices that can withstand different types of situations, so they considered any weaknesses to be eliminated. Since the socket port is very sensitive to water because liquid can pass through it freely, it has been removed from the latest smartphone models.

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