Lamplight City (Nintendo Switch) – Le test

Lamplight City (Nintendo Switch) – Test

In the dusk light of a deserted alley to a wreck, I wait. The rain has long seeped into the broad folds of my trench coat, but due to the shoulders rubbing with the worst dirt that pollutes my city stones, my immune system is ready to take a hit. If you haven’t guessed, yes, I’m a private investigator. A failed cop leaves his colleague to die. But you have to pay for something to eat, so when you can only do one thing, there is no point in trying to pretend. That’s why I keep walking its streets. Each of its stones is in its place in my inner geography. To me, she is like a lover who knows every square centimeter of his skin by heart from his caress. But this dialogue only happens in my half-cracked head, whatever, if this lifestyle allows me to find the person responsible for Bill’s death, there’s no need to change.

City of sail and steam

Great introduction to video game testing? You’re crazy, you’ve entered the head of Miles Fordham, an ex-cop haunted by his mistakes and we must help find a path to redemption. For this, we will have to travel through the darkest alleys of New Britain, nicknamed Lamplight City, the city with the last name of Grundislav games. Living with him in this adventure is first and foremost knowing the atmosphere that 1940s movie noir smells like. And it doesn’t matter that he’s mixed with steampunk, a good private investigator should be a cynic who expects nothing more from life, except to satisfy his revenge, which is exactly what we are entitled to. A dark story and a tormented hero, what more could you ask for?

The answer lies in a few words: a French translation. Even translations will be enough. Living these adventures in Miles’ Company requires a very good level of reading the fifteenth language of the rose and this is the only mistake we found in the production of Grundislav games. His narration is very complete. Whether it’s about jokes about our slowness in making decisions or about the inner torment of our character, the lines of text tie together with surprising speed, as do slang and burnt pronunciation. These dialogues are very good and the actors describing them do an excellent job. Each character has their own voice and the tone used is always correct, no matter what situation we find ourselves in.

During the ten hours he spent scanning Lamplight City, we would have to solve five cases. Now that he’s a private investigator, Miles must keep a low profile. No doubt kicking on stretchers. We will have to exercise discretion to conduct our interrogations and uncover clues that will allow us to identify the culprit. Once our conviction is supported by solid evidence, we can interview our former colleague, Upton, so he can arrest him.

But beware, it is very easy to accuse an innocent person. Repeating this kind of error so many times will draw the attention of the press to us, which would be far from facilitating the continuation of our investigations. So it will be necessary to read all the dialogues carefully and try to recover as many documents as possible to compile the evidence. A real investigative job awaits with Lamplight City.

punk simplicity

Most of the gameplay will also happen inside our heads. In fact, even if it takes the form of a “no-click” point, we are very far from the canons laid down by Lucasarte in his time. Here it will not be necessary to combine any element to perform a foolish act. We don’t pluck a hair to see if you want to search or take something to unlock the rest of our adventures, it’s all done automatically. We just have to click on the object that we suspect is useful for the appropriate action to happen as a large object. This makes Lamplight City somewhat linear in difficulty and we never find ourselves stuck by forgetting to click any artifact.

In addition, the now classic visual aid that allows us to see all the objects that we can interact with, is available in the Grundislav Games title. This makes it easier for us to investigate. Navigation is very simple, we simply move the cursor over the objects, this is not very close to creating a selection problem, cherry on black coffee, in nomadic mode, touch is available. Something to enjoy making Lamplight City even more accessible.

Our interrogations consist of a series of topics to be discussed which in turn open up new points of interest. Everything is done to make life easier for the player and to avoid any downtime. The rhythm of the interrogations / cluster of clues is punctuated by small enough simple puzzles that only allow for a refresh of the gameplay. Everything is done to make us have a good time in this miserable New Britain with Victorian accents.

Let’s finish talking about the soundtrack and graphics. Old-fashioned Point’n’click fans will be delighted. The graphic claw is one of the strengths of this title, and it’s actually quite fun. With its detailed paintings and pixel art characters, we live an always amazing adventure in this city where bleak slums and high-rise buildings are littered with. Marc Bennis’ soundtrack is typical of its kind. The tones of the piano, often accompanied by the rest of the orchestra, follow each other to impose an atmosphere ranging from dark to apocalyptic, but they are always perfectly adapted to the situation, and it is also possible to get an idea of ​​them on legal broadcasting platforms.


the most

  • Stylish, detailed and varied pixel art graphics
  • Marc Bennis’ soundtrack is high quality and still fits perfectly
  • The gameplay is simple and intuitive
  • The start is immediate and complete
  • Touch makes it easier to navigate the screen
  • The narration perfectly leads to good dialogues and very good dubbing
  • The story is gripping from start to finish.
  • This bitter steampunk world presents a very cohesive universe
  • 10h really good life

the least

  • It wasn’t really difficult, fans of this genre will remain unsatisfied
  • Requires a good level of English to play

Note details

  • Graphics

  • sound bar

  • Play

  • grip

  • Narration

  • price / age

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