Préparez-vous au combat avec Final Vendetta, le tout nouveau Beat’Em Up de Bitmap Bureau

Final Vendetta (Nintendo Switch) – Test

The dominant genre in the 80s and 90s, was beat them It maintains its image closely associated with the arcades. These games that put us in the shoes of heroes who are ready to fight against hordes of thugs were the perfect opportunity to get players to spend a few coins for an extra life. Fortunately nowadays there is no longer any need to add money to each of them game over to continue. final revenge so it is beat them developed by Nomschool games Right in the context of the classics of the arcade years, both on show and show Play.

streets of life

Obviously, the game’s scenario won’t be a point where we’ll spend a lot of time, just like the introduction boils down to a small scene that just explains that Claire Sparks’ sister has been kidnapped. After a phone call from a certain Syndic8 asking for a ransom, our heroine along with her friends Duke and Miller goes to take the solution for free to rescue Juliet with big punches.

After this fifteen second intro video, there will be no more scenes or any additional scenario element. Simple way to take action (maybe too much?).

Thus, the game’s arcade mode will take you either alone or with another local player through six levels that take the classic structure Beat’Em All, which are waves of different enemies with more and more hit points as you progress until you fight a boss who will close the chapter. Count about six to ten minutes per cycle, giving you a maximum lifespan of one hour per cycle Beinga period that remains rather short even if the literary genre is not known for the longevity of its stories.

Regarding PlayAnd the final revenge It takes exactly the icons of 80s games, and feels a certain solidity in the character control as well as a low variety in your fighting options. The controls are very simple, a jump button, a button to block shots, a “special” button used only to hit the enemy on the ground, throw a captured weapon or perform an alternate attack while running, and finally, a simple attack button that can be used in the air or standing.

There is not much imagination, the game is limited to pure and hard street fighting, so much so that the “special” meter at the bottom of the screen remains a narrative because the latter seems to be of no use, the special attack is a combination of the attack and jump switch allows you to launch an attack on the area to get out It’s a problem when you’re too trapped. However, this attack can be used all the time so there is no need to scale…

So everyone remains very loyal to the period games, as in 2022, most beat them It offers newer mechanics and much more fluidity by allowing you to throw enemies in the air and manipulate them, and this solidity in final revenge He finds himself somewhat frustrated and brings a certain difficulty to the title with his design. Bias, undoubtedly, but it will not be unanimous.

The arcade mode has different levels of difficulty, the latter reducing the number of lives you have available, and the game takes you back to the main menu with the need to start from scratch if you lose seven, five or three lives. Once you complete the six levels and defeat the bosses, depending on the character used, you will be able to unlock additional game modes: a survival mode that requires you to score a maximum of one life on a stationary plane, a dash boss To replay the battles of the six bosses as quickly as possible, but also a fairly original training mode because it allows you to select a specific type of enemy and get used to their movements to prepare for higher difficulties.
In the two-player local mode, there is also a charge to fight you with a friend.

Note that some cheat codes Available to allow you to select a game mode without having to unlock it first, as well as choose your starting level.

The in-game achievement system will provide the value of a single replay for the most complete people among you, and achievements that require you to complete the game with each of the three characters, on the highest difficulty level or beat X enemies in mode. It exists but it remains local, so online comparisons cannot be made.

In terms of presentation, Final Vendetta sports detailed pixel art in a 32 bit With a rather cute animation reminiscent of a time huge engineThe game has apparently been released on console, all accompanied by an electro/dance soundtrack typical of arcade games that comprises the band. Utah Saints And the Features.


the most

  • Presentation on pixel art and its music takes you straight back to the 80’s
  • Crew of three characters with their own animations and attacks
  • Some additional game modes
  • Training mode, completely original to the genre
  • Cheat codes to beat the difficulty
  • A pure retro experience…

the least

  • …maybe too much
  • Only local multiplayer
  • very low life
  • No online ratings
  • The stagnation in movements is very annoying
  • No content other than alternate game modes to unlock (no fourth character)
  • It may be repeated after a while

Note details

  • Graphics

  • sound bar

  • Play

  • life

  • Replayability

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