CF Montreal: Entire Rating Downgrade

Montreal FC failed in their bid to defend the Canadian Championship by losing 4-0 to Toronto FC at BMO Field last night in the semi-finals of the Canadian Championship.

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This means that there will be no Champions League for the country in 2023.

With the ratings downgraded entirely, Montreal didn’t present a brighter face than it did during its loss to Austin on Saturday.

Io Aquinola drove the charge using two brackets (40e and 54e Minutes). Jesus Jimenez (75e) and Alejandro Pozuelo (78 .).e) Other tags were. Goalkeeper Quentin Westberg snapped the closing.

It’s funny how Toronto will play their second Canadian Championship final this year as the 2020 final was recently resumed against Hamilton.

bad start

Wilfried Nancy’s side got off to a poor start by giving Jayden Nelson a big chance from the first minute.

It must be said that we dealt with a hybrid formation with a few veterans (Rudy Camacho, Alistair Johnston, Samuel Peet, and Rommel Coyoto) and many youngsters.

There was no coherence at the start of the match between players who were not used to playing together.

Things settled down after that, but not to the point of seeing the attack run out. The team was inaccurate about the opponent’s area, especially Zorhan Pasong, whose ball was often in the left lane, but his passes often did not pay off.

This sums up the first half, during which Montreal controlled the ball without taking advantage of the attack.


Although Ki Camara and Ahmed Hamdi entered at the beginning of the second half, the guests did not calm down more.

After opening the mark at 40e A minute into Basong’s spin, Akinola doubled his offensive production by beating Camacho and Robert Thorkelson in the 54th minute.e the moment.

The Montreal team could not adapt even though nothing worked for them in this game.

It must be admitted, offensively, it is more complicated without Djordje Mihajlovic, who is the creative force of the attack.

♦ CF Montreal will play its next game on Saturday when Charlotte visits Saputo Stadium.



Q: Westberg.


Petrasso, K.; Thompson (replaced by J. Marshall Rutte in the 73rd), S. O’Neill, C. Salcedo, El Pietraso (replaced by J. Schavelburg at the eighty).


Nelson (replaced by J. Perosa in the 1980s), A. Pozuelo, R.; Briso Mbongo (replaced by J. Osorio at 62), M. Bradley.


J. Jiménez, A. Akinola (replaced by C.Mavinga in 73).



J. Bantames.


Corbo, R.; Camacho, R.; Thorkelson.


Johnston, M.; Schweiner (replaced by Ahmed Hamdi in 46), S. Peet (replaced by M. Miljevich in 68), z. Basong (replaced as Kamara in 46), c. by J. Torres at 76), Connie.


R. Quioto (replaced by Z. Brault-Guillard in 76).


Toronto: A. Akinola 2 (40 and 54), J. Jiménez (75), A. Pozuelo (78).


Montreal: Camacho (67th), J. Torres (84th), M. Meljevich (88th).










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the news

Key Camara

Photo archive, Pierre-Paul Paulin

Key Camara

7.5/10 | Samuel Peet

  • He played well defensively with several interceptions and had chances to score.

7/10 | Alistair Johnston

  • Montreal’s best defender, he should have had as many balls as Zorhan Basong.

6.5/10 | Rommel Kyoto

  • We don’t get him involved enough in the game and he can’t really affect the match.

6.5/10 | Rudy Camacho

  • He exploded in the cold with some great defensive tackles as he swayed Io Akinola’s goals.

6.5/10 | Key Camara

  • He failed to bring the spark of change.

6/10 | Ahmed hamdy

  • He struggled a lot, but his energy isn’t always used up well.

6/10 | Gabriel Corbo

  • Not as effective as in its latest versions. He was arrested several times.

6/10 | Matthew Schoener

  • He only played the first half and did not have many successes.

6/10 | Robert Thorkelson

  • He was caught with Akinola’s second goal and his positioning wasn’t always appropriate.

5.5 / 10 | James Pantimes

  • The goalkeeper was caught on the wrong foot with Akinola’s second goal. He found himself alone, abandoned by his defense.

5.5 / 10 | Ismail Kony

  • He has a tendency to slow down the game a lot when he has the ball rather than relying on his technical qualities.

5/10 | Zorhan Basong

  • He made a lot of losses with the ball, including one that led to Akinola’s first goal. He didn’t know how to take advantage of the offensive balloons he had.

5/10 | Jogja Kwizaira

  • Not an easy start for the young man who was invisible except for some short possessions. In the left lane in the second half, he was a little better.

bad at moving

Since returning from the international break, we have the impression that we have been watching FC Montreal again since the start of the season. The one who has no solutions when things get complicated.

“At the moment, when we receive the first goal, we have a hard time coming back. But we have already tested it in the past and came back,” Wilfried Nancy agreed by video link after the defeat.

According to the coach, his team was very generous defensively.

“We allowed easy goals, we have to be more aggressive.”

Defender Alistair Johnston, one of the opponents, added: “We hit rock bottom in front of our opponents, we weren’t good enough defensively and offensively and we have to be better than that.”

bad transmission

Montreal was often caught with the wrong foot in Toronto’s counterattacks.

“Our defensive transition was really bad and it started with the late players. Johnston admitted we had a lot of things going on.

Nancy went even further by explaining that her team has taken a beating where they usually play well.

We weren’t in a good position with their transformations. When I look at the goals, we conceded when they crossed us and we usually do a good job at that. »

Georgian ghost

The team played a second match in a row without Djordji Mihajlovic, who will be out for a few weeks.

But don’t believe it was his absence that made the difference. At least that’s what Johnston said.

“If we look closely at this match, it is not because we lost because Djurgi was absent, but because we played poorly in defence.”

We’ve also seen a huge rotation in the workforce with a few veterans as beginners.

“I think this group is talented enough that we can afford to rotate,” Johnston insisted.

in knowledge

Despite the persistent impression of poor performance overall, Johnston felt the team was in the game until Toronto’s third goal.

For Nancy, in the second half things got derailed.

“There were some good things in the first half. Before their first goal we were good and created chances but we didn’t succeed.”

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