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When you think that the hero no longer has the resources to compete with a fervent and assertive opponent, and that the hero is in cables, damaged, and swaying, then he draws on his wealth of experience, which counterattacks ferociously and calls everything into question.

Once again the lightning took the chestnut out of the fire.

However, the New York Rangers, that talented young team, had a great deal of confidence. His opponent was fighting hard in desperation, we knew that well at Rangers, but the most important thing was to make sure we didn’t give him chances to find a glimmer of hope.

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The Pushing force

Lightning, specifically, managed to overturn Pushing force.

This Lightning team has been amazing this spring. Expansion session, multiple injuries to leaders, salary cap requirements forced decision makers to adjust workforce and not always in the best conditions.

However, the Lightning players put the Toronto Maple Leafs in place…without a Brayden point in the last two periods of the final.

They insulted the Florida Panthers, beating them in four straight games. Still, the Panthers possess a formidable offense, and this team has wreaked havoc during the regular season.

But when you don’t step outside your comfort zone and face an experienced team, a squad that has always overcame adversity, and even denied the best quarterback, a point, reality hits you.

Don’t underestimate the hero.

That’s right, Lightning doesn’t have as great a squad as they have been in the past two seasons.

Is Andrei Vasilevsky so scary? no. But he still finds the energy to stand up like a wall when the stakes are high.

Stephen Stamkos still has that sharp shot, but could he be effective without a point?

Victor Hedman, the great general, remains on the Blue Line, but he needs help.

Nikita Kucherov: An unpredictable player. Stunning, but also untamed, as in the last game.

opening the door

The story once again comes to an amazing end. However, the Rangers were pretty good in the saddle. They were leading 2-0, and Igor Shesterkin stuck to the guides firmly.

However, we opened the door ajar at the end of the second period.

That’s all the heroes needed to regain energy to make the opponent anxious.

A goal, raising the score to 2 to 1 in favor of the Rangers, was enough for Lightning veterans to beat the charge.

They reached the Rangers region early in the third period. The goal was to create some confusion for the opponent.

We finally knew the score, and Ondrej’s Balat goal has reignited controversy.


Rangers remain in the driver’s seat. They are leading 2-1 in the series, but the message from Lightning requires a lot of thought.

We now wonder if the point will return to the group.

Did we just give Vasilevsky another chance to prove his dominance?

However, could Lightning advance to the finals without a Point?

Some would say Point has missed his team’s last seven games and two spells and that Lightning has had six wins and two losses.


But, have they ever faced a goalkeeper as talented as Shesterkin?

The avalanche stuns

Defenseman Cale Makar gives the attackers a tough time.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

Defenseman Cale Makar gives the attackers a tough time.

We’ve identified, right from the start of the season, the Colorado Avalanche as a team with all the elements needed to get to the podium.

The workforce analysis was similar a year ago.

It was believed that Nathan McKinnon and his group combined speed, creativity and depth to overcome obstacles.

However, the avalanche painted a void.

But this training has grown. I learned to deal with adversity. She understood that to reach the highest peaks, it was necessary to take drastic measures such as accepting defensive obligations even if the strength of the formation was largely dependent on an explosive attack.

We understood, right from the start of this series against Edmonton Oilers, that it was more than just a showdown between MacKinnon and Connor McDavid.

It was more than a duel between two guards with a resume full of question marks.

What we discover is a defender who pushes his team to new heights.

Cale Makar has been fantastic since the beginning of the Western Conference Finals series.

It has cast doubt on McDavid and Draisaitl.

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