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Artur Petribev vs. Joe Smith Jr. At a theater in Madison Square Garden. In the battle of unification. Three belts are at stake and two big hitters clash. One of them nearly ended Eleader Alvarez’s career in Las Vegas after losing to Sergei Kovalev.

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Which hit Bernard Hopkins on the head… to really end his career.

Good Joe Smith. he is strong. He is brave and devoted his adult life to boxing after working in construction.

Joe Smith is good, but Arthur is Arthur.

dead at 7 am

Three times a week, Petribev goes to the Claude Rubilard Centre. His executioner is waiting for him. Andre Colisa Sadie at a training camp. He seems to be inventing new ways to kill his boxer. Weights, balls, running, other weights, other balls, sailors ropes, single weights, twist lifts, Fitness Trainer Invent them every week.

Is this enough to discourage Artur Petterbiev? To make him miss a workout when he’s -20?

Kulesza responds with a smile.

“Artur told me that in the morning he would not be in the gym at 7 in the morning, because he would die.”

I often saw Andrei Colisa working. He has no common sense. Pure product of the Soviet school. He smiles, but he does not seem to have a heart. He had a knack for pushing Lucien Bute to the limits of the impossible. Beterbiev like the National League and the AAA dwarf, training is too excessive. Sweating blood and water.

And that doesn’t stop Petribev from ending up in Mark Ramsey’s episode in the afternoon. And to order more. Ramsay has explained at length to me how difficult it is to be a Peterbiev coach. Always asking for more, always wanting to try something new. Learn more while doing more. always more.

That’s why Marcus Brown ended up staying on his knees. Why Oleksandr Gvozdyk ended up not wanting to get up. Because he’s tired of being run over by a tank.

Not to mention the fact that he’s Ukrainian…

Arthur is angry

Yesterday morning in New York, Petribev was furious. Although gaining weight is not important at all, it is never good for a boxer. Dehydration is annoying and sometimes painful.

Ramsay was in good spirits despite the pressures of an important battle at Madison Square Garden. In the Big Apple which, as we know, is a copy of Shawinigan.

My first question was not very original. How do you prepare to face a big hitter like Smith? And how do you cut the ring without exposing yourself too much?

” in art of warWe are told that we must take the enemy into his own land. Artur knows how to impose his territory. “You have to be able to exceed the power and size of the opponent’s strikes,” Ramsey replies.

“The most important thing is not what Joe Smith can do. We know him well. He is physically strong and he always does his best. What will count is Arthur fights the way he wants to fight. . What shall I impose in this ring.” We’ve worked hard on a lot of the technical details. The details that make the difference. Arthur has defeated all his fights, but he is a complete boxer who brings all the nuances of boxing into a fight,” Ramsay said.

Besides, Ramsay can’t err on the side of confidence. He was the one in Alvarez’s corner when Smith knocked him out.

“Alvarez and Peterbiev are two worlds. And then Ilider really started to slow down. I fought this battle with so much fear,” he replies.


Smith is not the first big hitter that Petterbiev has faced. Ramsay points out that Petribiev completely destroyed Callum Johnson, Gabriel Campello and Tavoris Cloud and forgot about Brown.

In the United States, they promote fighting monsters. I will be more tactful. Joe Smith Jr. can win. He hits hard enough to rock Petrbiev, who had already fallen several times in his career.

But Peterbiev is a better boxer. No one in the world, unless they live on Mars, could be in better physical shape for a boxing match. He always ends up exhausting his opponents. before they are completed.

Artur Petribev between the eighth and tenthe. Abandonment or suspension of judgment. On RDS at 10pm.

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