WWE NXT, Orlando, Florida

Commentators are Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett.

Tonight is WWE NXT In Your House 2022. The show opens with a welcome commentator and the arrival of Legado Del Fantasma followed by Tony D’Angelo and Stacks & Two Dimes.

Six player team match

The winning team will take control of the other team.

Legado Del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Cruz del Toro, Joaquin Wilde) vs Tony D’Angelo, Stacks & Two Dimes

At the end of the match, Tony D’Angelo avoided a blow with an iron rod from Joaquin Wilde thanks to Stacks who saved him, but received the blow. Tony D’Angelo returns, punches Joaquin Wilde and pushes Two Dimes Stacks that land on Wilde for the win.

Winners: Tony D’Angelo, Stacks & Two Dimes

– A promotional video is playing for Alba Fyre where she says she is from a large group of Scottish warriors and will light this flame to reach her fullest potential.

Backstage, Lash Legend talks about Alba Fyre and Tatum Paxley tells her she should ask for a match against her because she talks about it so much. Lash Legend says she doesn’t want a match against Alba Fire and Tatum Baxley says she will ask for a match.

NXT Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Championship

Gigi Doolin and Jacy Jane (c) vs. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

At the end of the match, Kayden Carter tries to get Rollup, but Gigi Dolin pushes her away and sends her toward Jacy Jayne who attacks her without the referee seeing her with a punch. Then Gigi Doolin contacted German Suplex by falling for victory.

Winners: Gigi Doolin and Jacy Jane (centre)

– Behind the scenes, The Pretty Deadly sings in front of the mirror saying they hate the Creed Brothers and will beat them tonight.

– It’s still a different atmosphere behind the scenes as the Creed Brothers and Grappling prepare for their match under the eyes of Roderick Strong, Ivy Nile and Damon Kemp.

North American Championship NXT Singles Match

Cameron Grimes (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes

At the end of the match, Trek Williams tries to distract Cameron Grimes, but is thrown into Cave N. Cameron Grimes then attempts to return to the ring to carry Cave-In, but is blocked by Carmelo Hayes by lifting him up and sending him into the corner of the ring and then climbs onto the third rope to carry the Diving Fameasser for victory.

Winner and New Champion: Carmelo Hayes (accompanied by Trek Williams)

NXT Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Mandy Rose (c) vs Wendy Chu

At the end of the match, Wendy Choo climbs onto the third rope, but Mandy Rose brings her back to the ring and follows up with Kiss The Rose for victory.

Winner: Mandy Rose (Midfielder)

– Mackenzie Mitchell with Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez, the finalists for the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament who will face each other this Tuesday during the next episode of NXT 2.0. Mackenzie Mitchell tries to introduce the two women, but Tiffany Stratton does not accept not being recognized as a direct winner and says that Roxanne is not a woman, but a child. Roxanne Perez told him that she would win the tournament, because it was the biggest match of her career and she had fought for every chance she got in her life.

NXT Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince) (c) vs. Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus Creed)

At the end of the match, Brutus hits Kate Wilson with a rack grenade, Julius climbs the top rope to land with a stunning star hit, and then finishes the game with a slot-slide for the win.

New Winners and Champions: Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus Creed)

After the match, the Creed Brothers celebrate with their parents.

– Before the main event, the commentators are announcing the program for the next episode of NXT which you can find here.

NXT Championship – Singles Match

Bron Bricker (c) vs. Joe Gacy

At the end of the match, Braun Breaker was against Handbringer Lariat Joe Gacy with a spear and then continued with his military press team to achieve victory.

Winner: Bron Bricker (c)

The show ends with a Braun Breaker celebration.

Image credit: WWE


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