Restricting access to firearms | Democratic and Republican senators unveil the bill

(Washington) US senators on both sides unveiled a bill Tuesday aimed at curbing gun violence after a spate of deadly shootings, a provision that falls short of measures demanded by President Joe Biden, but constitutes despite the first since contracts.

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In deeply divided America, agreement in Congress between Democrats and elected Republicans is already rare, especially on this divisive subject.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy tweeted, “The most important legislation on gun violence in nearly 30 years.”

He added that the 80-page text would “save thousands of lives”.

The parliamentary initiative was launched after the Ovaldi massacre, which killed 21 people, including 19 children, in an elementary school in Texas at the end of May, and the Buffalo massacre in New York state, during which 10 black people were killed. In the middle of May.

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate Democrats, also called the text “advanced.”

“While we weren’t all we wanted, this legislation is sorely needed,” he said in a statement.

Republican John Cornyn, who worked with Chris Murphy on the bill, said the text aims to make attacks like the Ovaldi attack “less likely to occur, while protecting the Second Amendment” of the Constitution, which allows the possession of firearms.

“I am proud that the proposed School Mental Health and Safety Bill does not place new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Lots of leeway”

But the NRA, the arms lobby, immediately expressed its opposition to the text, arguing on the contrary that it could be used to “restrict the purchase of legitimate weapons.”

In a statement, she said the bill “leaves to state officials too much space and also contains undefined and broad provisions calling for interference with our constitutional freedoms.”

The proposed actions fall far short of what President Biden wanted, such as banning assault rifles.

The text particularly highlights support for laws, country by country, that would allow weapons in their possession to be removed from the hands of people deemed dangerous.

It also intends to offer stronger criminal and psychiatric background checks for gun purchasers ages 18 to 21, as well as better control of the illegal sale of guns, and funding for mental health programs.

Joe Biden has publicly demonstrated his support for gun violence activists by listing measures he wants to be adopted but absent from agreement among senators: ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, and background checks for all gun buyers — not just those under 21 General – the obligation of individuals to keep their weapons closed.

Despite the agreement’s limitations, Moms Demand Action, which has been campaigning for a stricter framework for arms sales, called it a “giant step for our movement” and promised to fight “until it is adopted.”

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