Artur Petribev .. the Canadian!

Saturday evening will be very special for Artur Petterbiev. True, the fight at Madison Square Garden is special. It is true that boxing in New York is special. It’s true that facing Joe Smith at home in order to unite another title is special, too.

But on Saturday, we’ll give him the world champion… for Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

“I’m a Canadian citizen, I’ve lived in Montreal for 10 years and the WBC asked me to indicate I’m Canadian. We don’t want to talk about Russia,” Arthur explains.

Don’t bother him. He is now Canadian and proud to say so. But he remains deeply Chechen and Russian, living with the contradictions of international politics.

He is still very tough and hungry for victories.


Friday, 4 a.m. It was worth taking an hour between Pixcom, Saint-Paul Est Street, and Marc Ramsay Academy, just north of Jeanne-Mance Street. Wealth smiles at the bold.

Artur Petterbiev was in the ring with Ramsay and I understood why Ramsay was suffering from a tennis elbow And that Sam Decari often has a chiropractor. Making gloves with these monsters is suicide. Let’s say, daring.

Beterbiev never slowed down. I was able to take advantage of Ramsay’s quiet moment while Peterbiev went there from rounds shadow boxing. Arthur came and sat on the edge of the ring for a minute and it was he who said to Ramsey: ” Again “.

Again. Arthur is special to say the least. myself, I was forced to step up. He always asks for more. He knows Joe Smith is a big customer and prepares accordingly. Either way, Arthur is always ready,” he explained Ramsay.

Artur Petribev settled well with his wife Medina and family in Quebec for several years.

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Artur Petribev settled well with his wife Medina and family in Quebec for several years.

always cash

Arthur special. For example, one or two surahs of the Qur’an forbid lending or borrowing. Arthur could have purchased a castle in Westmount. But he still required a mortgage from him. His faith forbids her. So the Petribev family lives in a beautiful apartment, which is paid in cash.

“Anyway, I won’t have time to take care of a house,” he says with a smile.

But no debt, it goes both ways. When some checks got lost in the box, such as after he won at Casino du Lac Lemy and had to wait months for payment, on the Monday after the fight, Peterbiev sat down with Ramsay.

‘I told him I would wait until he was paid to cover the cost of my services. He said no. I owe you money,’ says Ramsay. ‘Here it is.’

do not worry. I’m Anthony Rodman, now Bitterbiev’s attorney. It was he who negotiated his new three-year contract with Top Rank at the beginning of the year. Artur will never be miserable.

Oscar, Mbele, Bazinian…

Mark Ramsey’s gym is a boxing journalist’s paradise. On Friday, if the young painter Maxime van Haut had not been stuck in a radio studio, he would have lived short trip sum. In the same gym, at the same time, I was with Artur Petterbiev, Oscar Rivas, who is preparing to defend his title in Cali, Colombia, Christian Mbele, who will be an analyst at 91.9 on June 23, and Eric Bazinian who will. Bear the brunt of the final match that evening.

Two world champions and two world’s top 5.

It’s almost unreal for the veteran who learned to love boxing with Robert Cléro and by reading the exploits of Laurent Dothwell and Armand Savoy under the stylized pen of Louis Chantini.

I went from Gaetan Hart, Jean-Claude Leclerc and Stephane Aule to Petribev, Rivas, Bazinyan, Mbele, Arslanbek Makhmudin and their associates. and stage with Lucien Butt, Adrien Diacono, Jean Pascal, Adonis Stevenson… and Eric Lucas. Boxing is the new Quebec. Chechen, Colombian, Armenian, French born in Cameroon, Russian, Romanian, Haitian and … Pure Line. The promoter, Camille Stephan, is of Lebanese origin. Far from Régis Lévesque, my Réjean…

It’s up to Peterbiev and Makhmudov to learn a bit of French and we’ll have a picture of this new, sometimes scary, but producing community of Quebec children.

An unforgettable Friday afternoon.

Well done Shawinigan!

Shawinigan, after Chicoutimi, is my favorite city in Quebec. They are followed by Rimouski, Havre Saint-Pierre and Vallardo.

Shawinigan was incorporated into a city of 200,000 residents. The nationalization of electricity in 1960 changed the plans of American companies. But city planners have already designed a New York-style city. Hence the roads and streets, 5e7eBroadway. be in the corner of 8e and Broadway, still quite far from Madison Square Garden.

the cup

But Shawinigan won the President’s Cup, while New York did not win the Stanley Cup.

I know Roger Laverne, the President, Claude Valle, Camille Estephan, and a few other waterfall leaders. Chicken from Lavergne was the best in Mauricie, smoked meats from Vallée are at least the best in Quebec, and Camille Estephan, new investor in Cataractes with her daughter Emmanuelle, won a trophy in her first year.

Jeff Molson should call him and ask him about it.

Congratulations for cataracts! Continue to monitor the education and guidance of the young people entrusted to your care and all will be in a better position.

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