Patrick Roy still thought: “CREE ** What am I doing here, I’m there?”

A week after the heartbreaking loss of Schwenigan Cataracts, Patrick Roy has yet to make a decision about his future with the Quebec Remparts. Burned out in the last two years of the pandemic and the work of officials at QMJHL, he plans to take advantage of the holidays in the next few days before announcing his decision.

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Clearly, the penalty kick imposed on Vsevolod Komarov at the end of the match No. 5 against Shawinigan, which led to the victorious goal of Brick Dobby, still does not pass in the hockey man.

“I close my eyes and I can still see the game and I can’t wait for it to disappear from my head,” he said, sitting next to Remparts president Jack Tangway during the team’s end-of-season review at the Videotron Center on Wednesday.

This decision by official Olivier Guin confirmed what he had been thinking for some time. He’s 56 – he’ll turn 57 in October – Roy wants to take some time to make sure the fire is still burning.

“I come here at 6:30-6:45 a.m. and leave at 3:30-4 p.m. You get on the bus and travel 25,000 kilometers a year. I’m 56, on the bus to Cape Breton, and my friends play golf in Florida. There you say to yourself, Chris what am I doing here?

“I don’t remember being very emotional after a loss. I think as we get older we accept less incompetence and injustice. We manage it less well,” he added, referring to the call made at the end of the match on 1 June. .

For him, as for the general public, the past two years of restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have undermined his morale.

“It was two years of difficult management. We were detained for the whole month of December without knowing if and how to start again. It was not only difficult for us coaches, but also for the players. It was heavy. Covid had negative effects For many young people.

Roy realizes that it will be difficult for him to leave the world of hockey completely. He knows very well that once he retires, he will have opportunities in the media, as well as advisory mandates.

But he didn’t get there. For now, his thinking revolves around Remparts. In his opinion, there are three options available to him: return as head coach and general manager, give up the coaching position and simply focus on the GM position or simply leave.

“When I arrived with the team, we had two scenarios for Jack [Tanguay] And I. We thought I could lead the team for a few years and then find a successor and that I would just be the general manager. We’ll have a conversation with him. We are great companions and can tell each other how to live things.

If the disappointment of this year’s loss is painful, the fact remains that in theory, the Remparts will have a heavyweight roster next year due to the 15 or 16 players returning from the current version, depending on the decision of Captain Théo Rochette.

This is an argument in favor of Roy returning with the Rimbar family, perhaps for one last year.

“It weighs in the balance and is a bit of a reflection, he emphasized. I’ve never been a giving up boy. The point is that I feel good about it and 100% in the adventure. I still have the urge to come back in the morning to continue helping the youngsters develop and bring new ideas to the team. .

Then team boss Jack Tangway confirmed that regardless of Roy’s decision, the Remparts’ hockey operations will not be affected in the coming weeks.

“All the work on what’s coming up in early July, the QMJHL draft and the European draft, it’s all been in the works for a long time and we’re ready for the next steps.”

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