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The Florida Panthers and Bill Zito made the decision to trade Jonathan Huberdeau…even though the Calgary Flames led discussions about Matthew Tkachuk to another team. Huberdeau was preparing to play the final season of his contract … In the end, he would demand an agreement no less important than that given to Aleksander Barkov, that is, 10 million dollars per season.

This is the new trend now…

why ?

Do you think Patrick Kane would accept a lesser contract than the one he signed with the Chicago Blackhawks several years ago. Next year, unless Kane transfers to another team, he will be the most sought-after skater in the unrestricted free agent market.

We can add Nathan McKinnon’s name, but can we imagine McKinnon in a uniform other than a Colorado Avalanche outfit? Can we think for a moment that Dylan Larkin won’t sign an eight-season contract with the Detroit Red Wings?

So we are talking about large numbers.

bitter disappointment

Zito and the Panthers decision makers were very disappointed with their results in the supplement. The Panthers lost twice to Tampa Bay Lightning.

Would they have continued the adventure with two skaters like Barkoff and Huberdeau, two forwards with a monopoly over $20 million in payroll?

Toronto Maple Leafs chose this option. They don’t have two $10 million players, but three of them nonetheless with disastrous results under these circumstances and the owners’ patience increasingly fragile. hit or miss. If the Leafs don’t meet their major shareholder goals, heads will roll.

big risk

In Florida, it took Zito just over two years to get the organization out of the swamp it was bogged down in, a remarkable feat. So he didn’t hesitate for a moment when Flames offered him a deal that would include Matthew Tkachuk and Huberdew.

take risks. He departs from his original plan. On the other hand, Tkachuk, which cost him a fortune, brings a new dimension to the leopard attack. It gives a different personality to the team. Zito is a far-sighted General Manager, and he’s confirmed before making the decision with the most serious consequences since arriving at Sunrise to liquidate some veterans.

In the meantime, Huberdeau will be able to consider some scenarios.

  • He signs a multi-season deal with The Flames.
  • This contract terminates and becomes a free agent without compensation.

Next season, the list of players who would like to capitalize on their status as players who can continue their career with the team of their choice is impressive. Jonathan Toews, Kane, Huberdeau, McKinnon, Larkin, David Pasternak, JT Miller, Matt Domba, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Ryan O’Reilly, among others.

But in light of the events of this season, no one can overlook the deals that will be available to teams that have millions to spend.

In recent months, it has been expected that some formations will try by all means to give more flexibility in their payroll.

Many veterans have changed addresses.

And with a salary cap that has seen little change in recent years, this trend is expected to continue.

Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes could not have hoped for a more changed time.

A former judge will decide

Thus, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Thomas Cromwell, was given a mandate to study, analyze and decide the case of Hockey Canada.

We’ve sent him some questions and he’ll have to decide what system Hockey Canada should adopt.

In other words, after analyzing the situation, the judge will be asked to rule on Hockey Canada.

Does hockey in Canada deserve a system that has just been inundated with scandal because unscrupulous CEOs tried to cover up events by spending taxpayer money and sponsors tied to an important cause?

The judge may also consult a few colleagues. He knows full well that by following the latest information and the way the leaders of Hockey Canada have acted on this file, major changes are necessary.

People don’t deserve another term.

exactly the contrary.

We hope to find a new formula for the development of hockey in Canada. At this level, we have to believe that Mr. Justice will need the expertise of some people who have strong ideas about how hockey Canada should work…

Time is running

Time passes and Nazim Qadri still pulls his ears.

But the number of teams interested in getting his services is probably not as large as when the free agent market opened. John Klinburg, for his part, quickly realized he had to make a decision last week.

He was expecting a seven-year contract.

Taking direction Anaheim for a year.

At least it still has the option to test the free proxy market again next year…but it still has to deliver performance that meets expectations.

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