Avalanche: Behind McKinnon

Like his Lightning counterpart, Jared Bednar gave his players a training break on Thursday.

Very satisfied with the first meeting, the Avalanche head coach will push his players to come back with the same kind of performance and respect a very similar match plan on Saturday. The game plan was developed in part in light of information obtained by observing the action of Maple Leafs and Rangers against Lightning earlier in the playoffs.

“Toronto and New York have had success against Tampa maintaining a high level of speed and intensity on the ice. By going in attack a lot. By taking a lot of shots. We have the same kind of dynamic style as the Leafs.

Conversely, the Leafs – which had advanced 3-2 in the series before losing in seven games – and the Rangers – which had advanced 2-0 in the series before suffering four consecutive losses – began to get into trouble when they allowed Lightning to take control of the games. Lightning has talented players, but we’ve noticed that they are at their best when playing tight matches. “Therefore, we are interested in maintaining the same rhythm that allowed us to set the tone at the start of the match yesterday (Wednesday),” Bednar explained.

So we should expect the avalanche to increase the stress applied to lightning in Game 2.

The pressure that will come from all the players, starting with Nathan McKinnon who set the tone again on Wednesday and who should set it back again on Saturday. Especially since Jared Bednar has already revealed his intention to keep the same management as his star player.

Generous management – 24 appearances totaling 22 minutes and 6 seconds – that avalanche’s head coach has no intention of adjusting just to remove Nathan McKinnon from lightning-dictated encounters.

“You know Nate: He’ll never back down from the challenge. And since John (Cooper) will be able to get the matches he likes once the series continues in Tampa, we have an advantage in keeping Nathan on the ice regardless of the opponent, because it’s not in the team’s best interest. Reduce the tempo of our game simply to manage confrontations,” explained the head coach of Avalanche.

healthy maturity

Bednar can afford to use McKinnon profusely because of his incredible talent of course, but also because the maturity he has gained over the years allows him to better understand the defensive strategies at hand to slow him down.

Nathan is spearheading our attack. is obtained. Sets the tone and others follow. At the same time, he realizes that the successes of our team no longer depend on him alone. So he became a more complete player. “In addition to setting the tone for attack, he is now able to take on very big defensive challenges when the time comes to take on the opposing team’s best elements,” added Jared Bednar.

On Big Media Day Tuesday, Nathan McKinnon shrugged off all media claims that he needed the Stanley Cup to secure his place in Avalanche and National Hockey League history. His coach doesn’t think his superstar needs to lift the Stanley Cup to earn his place among the best players in history or history.

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“As a player or coach, you obviously want to be a champion; that you want to lift the Stanley Cup. That’s been driving us since we played hockey. When you look at everything Nathan does on the ice, he really has a place among the best.”

Jared Bednar did not say it. But that doesn’t stop us from writing that other than everything he’s already doing very well and very well, Nathan McKinnon is only three wins away from lifting the Stanley Cup ensuring him to keep his place in the elite forever.

Vasilevskiy was shot profusely

Nathan MacKinnon and Avalanche players have a mission to bomb the Lightning Network. Jared Bednar’s word, they will continue to fire as much as they can once in the enemy’s area, even if several (25) out of the 69 who were released, on Wednesday evening, were blocked in defense.

“I don’t care that their players were able to block many shots. Maybe we should shoot faster to give the attackers and defenders less time to block the lines. But what I care more about is our reaction after blocking the shot. When you look at the goals we scored in Game 1, including In that victory in overtime, it came after we regained control of the disc after a broken defensive shot.”

Avalanche has an interest in continuing Vasilevskiy’s submachine gun. Because if the trend continues, it will be harder to frustrate the Lightning goalkeeper in the upcoming games than it was on Wednesday. Especially in the first period when he allowed three goals – from 15 shots – for the first time in 99 playoffs in his career.

In his first four matches since the start of the playoffs, Vasilevsky won only one. Maintain 3.99 target against average and only 88.4% efficiency.

In the other 14 matches, goalkeeper Lightning has lived up to his reputation as the best goalkeeper in the world with a record 11 wins and three losses, 1.9 under-goals allowed per game and an impressive 93.9% efficiency.

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