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According to a new study, heterosexual men’s love success can have an impact on their social and political ideas. And not satisfying the fairer sex can change their views about minimum wages or health care. Spoiler: It makes them less generous.

A new study published in the scientific journal Human adaptive behavior and physiologyargues that a man’s popularity in the dating market can influence his sexual attitudes and even his views on social and political issues: “It is becoming increasingly clear that romantic successes and failures can have profound repercussions on our ways of thinking and acting,” the study author, Francesca Ra researcher at the University of Nipsing in North Bay, Ontario.

One need only look at the phenomenon of ‘incel’ for a concrete example of how dating affects politics. Involuntary single men (including) (The online subculture has grown in popularity in recent yearsNDRL) have anti-women attitudes and oppose gender equality because they believe it is unfairly rejected by women. These phenomena interest me and I wanted to test whether the popularity of dating potential opposite-sex partners could actually influence the social and political attitudes of transgender people. Explains the researcher at PsyPost.

Desire Level

In this study, the researchers wanted to see if we could predict the opinions of 237 heterosexual adult guinea pigs by manipulating their popularity ratings. To do this, participants first rated their level of desire as a romantic partner. They were then asked to record a short video of themselves in which they had to explain why they would be a good romantic partner. They were informed that this video would then be viewed by the opposite sex, and invited to give their opinion in the form of short video responses. In fact, the proceeds are pre-recorded by the actors and actresses. Observations were randomly distributed ranging from “everything positive to all negative”.

“We found that unloved men (those who received more disapprovals from their peers) said they were less supportive of casual sex than popular men (those who received more positive responses),” Loperti told PsyPost.

Well, so far so good. But the results don’t stop there: unloved men (less preferring casual sex) also gave less support for raising the minimum wage or access to health care than desirable men.

And what about women?

The main conclusion of this study is that Women’s social and political attitudes do not appear to be influenced by dating popularity, while the popularity of dating among men leads to changes in men’s positive feelings and these changes may in turn alter some, but not all, men’s social and political attitudes,” Loberti said. On the other hand, the researchers categorized their findings: “We could not Show whether it is the fact that you receive more rejection, receive fewer positive responses, or both, that causes changes in attitudes. These mechanisms should also be further investigated in future research. »

Finally, the researchers argue that this is the first experiment to show that experimentally manipulated dating feedback can also indirectly influence attitudes toward minimum wages and access to health care through changes in men’s positive feelings. If these observations are true, they could have repercussions during political campaigns, for example. However, given the number of participants in this study, and the lack of diversity (they were all young and Australian), “it would be important to replicate these results in other countries or to include non-heterosexual participants, for example, to further demonstrate the robustness of these models,” he concludes. Luberti. looking forward…

Source: PsyPost

The study is entitled Changes in positive influence due to popularity in the context of experimental dating affect some men’s, but not women’s, social and political attitudes written by Francesca R.

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