Is employee of the month gone?

Everyone remembers McDonald’s Employee of the Month. If this form of employee recognition still exists, is it still relevant? What are the new trends? Tour in question with two specialists.

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Isabelle Dube

Isabelle Dube

The image and name displayed on the wall near the checkout counters at McDolnald’s captured the imaginations of many waiting customers.

“It was a vision, because it was a long time ago and we still remember it. Today, we call it the employer brand, and it has been a success,” Doris Levesque, vice president of recruitment firm PVRH, says on the phone.

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Dorice Lévesque, Vice President of Recruitment Firm PVRH

McDonald’s Canada has not been able to trace the history of the creation of the legendary recognition program. The fast food chain says via email that while it still exists, more have been added. Whether it’s scholarships for students who work in the restaurant or discounts on groceries.

Employee of the Month has been copied by many employers. Even if it belongs to another era, this form of recognition is still used in some works, the two specialists consulted confirmed Journalism. Especially in retail and restaurants where the employees are young students getting their first job and working part time.

An 18-year-old sales consultant at Adidas confirmed that the software is still present in many stores, but the name of the chosen store is displayed at the back of the store. “I was McDonald’s Employee of the Month,” says Michael Caldera. I found this very motivating. It encouraged me to do less interesting spells. The goal was to find the indispensable employee on the floor, the one who could do both the cash register and the kitchen. We were rewarded with gift cards. »

Favorite of the month

However, the tool reached its limits a long time ago. Many employers fail to advertise standards that are fair, impartial, and achievable by all.

Dorice Lévesque says, “Even if you have good intentions as an employer, they may be viewed poorly. This should be done fairly and not according to the mood of the decision-maker or according to criteria that might be discriminatory. It should not be seen as the darling of the month. It creates unhealthy competition.”

“A customer who came to me with this software, I would ask them about their goals and whether they really achieved them,” says Julie Lajoie, CHRP, Altrum Recognition Business Line Manager, who specializes in workplace recognition solutions.

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Julie Lagoy, CHRP, Altrum Survey Business Line Manager

“If the goal is to motivate and engage people and there are issues with perceived transparency and favoritism, which ultimately lead to more frustration than positive influence, except for the person who becomes employee of the month, then this program is useless.”

Stimulating fashion 2022

According to HR professionals, there are new tools that are more efficient and more adapted to the reality of 2022. Such as remote work, flexibility and balance between work and family, which are fashionable and essential now, excites Dorice Lévesque.

Although no one can predict whether the new recognition trends will persist throughout Employee of the Month, it is certainly tailored to today’s employees because it is personal. This is also the mantra of employers who struggle to retain the best candidates, even the worst.

Some will need to be told in words, while others will prefer something tangible like a trophy or gift. A law firm in the city center and a factory in Saint-Georges en Beauce would not have the same needs.

Julie Lagoy, CHRP, Altrum Survey Business Line Manager

Some tools are simple and very common, says Dorice Lévesque. “Just say hi in the morning, have a nice weekend, thank you for your work, talk to employees about company challenges, consult them on issues, listen to their vision or ideas, and ask for their opinion on a topic. If only you knew how much you value and mobilize them!” »

Who is still waiting for his watch?

Passing Gen Z employees and zapping Xers don’t care about waiting 25 years for a watch. They want us to highlight their successes as they happen, live, and what’s more, in front of all the other colleagues. Otherwise, another employer will do it.

“Today, it is immediate, notes Julie Lagoy. I should feel appreciated here and now, not in five years, nor in six months.”

“With the new generations, social recognition is becoming increasingly common,” she continues. Employees need to be recognized in front of others. When we are in hybrid mode or working remotely, we use social identification threads like Enkourage. »

The two specialists also insist on the importance of peer recognition, because it is often colleagues who are at the forefront of successes. “As a colleague, I will most likely see them first from the manager. The platform allows you to say, for example, that our colleague just did this, congratulations.”

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