The Algerian national team: Belmadi launches the reconstruction site

After failing to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, the Algerian national team started the CAN qualifiers well and national coach Djamel Belmadi launched the reconstruction project successfully.

Coach Jamal Belmadi’s skills dominated the Ugandans with a 2-0 victory at 5 Guilt Stadium on Saturday, June 4th.

In a post-match press conference, Belmadi returned to such a good start to qualify for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations and expressed his satisfaction.

“Tonight, we put in a good performance against a group that had very good matches, especially in terms of defensive solidity and conceding a few goals,” he said immediately.

Belmadi mentioned indifferent mistakes on the part of his players, especially in the penalty kick in favor of the Ugandans, which was saved by Algerian goalkeeper Mustafa Al-Zoghba, and Fadel Rais Mbolhi in the Greens’ goals.

Apart from this opportunity, the Ugandans created very few chances. The players did the job, and were very interested in losing the ball, “the Algerian coach analyzed”.

Belmadi praised his players for their application during this match after the painful episode of the 2022 World Cup elimination and said, “It was not easy after the disappointment of March (the World Cup qualifier against Cameroon). We were all shocked, first. We really wanted to go to the World Cup, and we worked hard for years. It was difficult to return (to compete) in the CAN qualifiers, admitted Belmadi, who highlighted the players’ focus and implementation of instructions.

Belmadi clarified his choice to establish Mustafa Al-Zaghba, 22, instead of Rais Mbolhi. “Zoghba was exemplary and showed us a lot of good things,” said the Algerian coach, who admitted that he did not give him many chances.

At the beginning of the qualifying campaign, I wanted to say to Mustafa: “I will put you in the conditions of the match to the test, because you deserve it and you have the qualities.”

Belmadi, who welcomed the existing complicity between the two goalkeepers, said that this did not mean insulting M’Bolhi’s boss, “a professional who knows we are not in competition and has a state of mind to continue choosing.” Without saying it, the national coach is preparing the next generation of M’Bolhi, 36.

The national coach did not hide his joy when he talked about the fine performance of Youssef Belaili, the second goal scorer. A technical player who has made significant progress since joining the Stade de Brest.

Belmadi stated, “I am happy that he can think of continuing to develop in this French league.” After a difficult start, he needed time to adapt, the Algerian coach noted.

Belmadi added that he has all his physical capabilities, “Youssef is capable of very great things.” “All football fans appreciate this player. We are happy to have him with us. He was so damaged by the elimination (in the world qualifiers). Today, I am not surprised by what he can do. Even for me, it is a pleasure to see him improve. He added that he has the opportunity to make (his mark). ) The national team is like Islam Soleimani (…)”.

Belmadi defends his options

Other prominent players are Belmadi, midfielders Adam Zerjan, Ramez Zerrougui, and especially Ismail Bennacer.

Djamel Belmadi also defended his choice to encourage the young talents he included during the match against Uganda.

Regarding the non-establishment of Adam Ounas, the coach explained that the Napoli member (Serie A) has not played for two months. “You have to know how to play your pieces at the right time and (especially) when it can be very painful,” he said.

After assuming the leadership of Uganda, he came to Tanzania, Wednesday, June 8th to calculate the second day of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers. The match against Tanzania promises to be “difficult” according to Belmadi adding that we will have to show a lot of focus.

Jamal Belmadi was surprised when asked if Riyad Mahrez had retired from international football. The national coach wanted to celebrate the England national team’s return to the 5 July Stadium after such a long absence.

He noted the “good condition” of the grass and was above all “relieved” to see so many England fans attending the match against Uganda, only to have his doubts dispelled after the World Cup failed.

“It was a pleasant surprise to me. Honestly, I would have understood very well if they didn’t want to come anymore. I thank them,” he said, “move.”

In response to a question about whether the national team would continue to develop in the July 5th Marj, Belmadi indicated that he had the idea of ​​rotating across the territory to “go to meet our fans”.

“Where the stadiums are ready, we will move,” stated the coach, who raised the possibility of playing in the new Oran stadium, which will host the Mediterranean Games in June.

The national coach announced that he would play a friendly match against Iran if the conditions were met for a “good thing”. On Sunday, June 5th, Al-Bilad newspaper reported that the Algerian Football Association’s contact person, Salah Bey Abboud, confirmed the organization of a friendly match against the Iranian national team. The meeting will be held on June 12 in Doha, Qatar.

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