Kulak looks forward to Canadians

Edmonton | With Chris Weidman’s contract extended and management wanting to make room for Justin Barron, Kayden Gaul and Jordan Harris, can Kent Hughes bring Brett Colak back into the Canadian fold?

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The 28-year-old defensive man, who was sent by the Habs general manager to the Oilers versus William Lagesson, will become a second-round pick in 2022 and a seventh-round pick in 2024, free as the free-to-play opener kicks off. agent market.

When he met the Journal de Montreal representative, on the sidelines of Oilers’ report at the end of the season, Albertan stressed that it shouldn’t be surprising to see him again in his blue, white, and red uniform.

“There is definitely a chance that I will be in Montreal again,” he said during a discussion held at Rogers Place aisle. I will definitely think about it. I loved my time with Montreal Canadiens. From day one, I’ve been in class. I felt really special being a part of this organization. »

If Hughes chooses to woo Colack, he will find a defender slightly more experienced than the one he traded on March 21. During his time with the Oilers, Kulak got a short cut role.

In the playoffs, Jay Woodcroft gave him a regular spot in his second unit, an aspect of the game he rarely had the chance to sample in Montreal.

“I just spoke to the coaches and general manager. I thanked them for giving me these opportunities. They probably gave me more than I’ve had so far in my career. Reducing playing time and more specific tasks helps him improve his game. I feel like I’ve grown up,” Kulak said. Much. “

strong relationships

Although he was busy helping the Oilers qualify for the playoffs, which they did in their 78th game of the season, Kulak kept watching what was going on with his former team.

“You want, no, you’ve been communicating with your teammates over the years, so you’re always interested in what they’re going through,” he said.

“This organization is definitely going in the right direction. I had time to meet the new management (before the deal). Marty (St. Louis), Kent (Hughes), Jeff (Gorton) are very smart hockey guys. They’ve really made big changes to the team. “I think they will do a great job,” Kulak continued, at the same time.

However, the Canadian still risks being martyred next season. Keep in mind that didn’t stop Weidmann from signing a two-year extension with the team.

Oilers: pride

For Colack, one wonders if there is still room for him in Edmonton. Ken Holland must sign new contracts with Jesse Poliojarvi and Kyler Yamamoto.

Perhaps he will also try to retain Evander Kane’s services? He will have to be limited and rare not to try to get his hands on the number one goalkeeper who deserves this playoff.

Which leaves very little room for the kulak.

If the association with his childhood team were to end here, Kulak would have nothing but fond memories of him.

“When I was traded here, I was excited. Excited to play in front of so many ardent Oilers fans family and friends. He said that in every match, a few of them came to see me. Wearing this jersey, fighting with pride to win matches for the Oilers and win two playoffs, It was great.”

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