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Located in Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, Koa Bas-Saint-Laurent Campground can become a somewhat unique destination for all campers in terms of its geographical location and the services available.

Its location on the banks of Lake Saint-Mathieu guarantees a stunning view of the area. The geography of the site and the division of the stadiums ensure that you are never deprived of this wonderful view.

As for the services, they are complete and of high quality. All campers are welcome on site, and in addition to electricity and other services, you have access to many activities, including the new field with water games. As a member of the KOA Network, this campground has received many accolades over the years.

“Our goal has always been to provide the best for those who visit us in the camp,” explained the president and co-owner of the venue, Mr. Thomas Gagnon. We are finally out of the pandemic, which will allow us to be able to give the maximum to the camp who will trust us. »

Note that in addition to camping sites, the site also offers accommodations in luxury chalets and cabins.

“If we rely on seasonal campers and travelers bookings, as is the case for cabins and cabins, the season will be as strong if not better than the summer of 2021. Quite frankly, we had some concerns about opening the borders.”

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For this specialist, opening the borders would change things, but in both directions.

Perhaps more people from Quebec will travel abroad, but, on the contrary, more people from abroad will come to Quebec. Sure, gas prices will play into the balance and people will change certain habits, but I’m sure of that. »

However, he noticed that many hobbyists, unlike last year, book less in advance.

“We feel a lot of uncertainty from people who don’t want to book too early. In 2021, before the season officially opens, the bookings are already done. This season we are back to normal with places available for all months of the season. On the other hand, for For chalets and cabins, the level of bookings is as high as last year.”

This specialist is fully aware that with the lifting of health measures, people know that they can now travel everywhere more easily.

Available tours

Due to its location, this campground can provide you with many opportunities to visit very interesting sites in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“We are an accessible destination, two and a half hours from Quebec. There is no longer room for seasonal workers and travelers, we can say that 50% of our sites are booked. I think people will come to us this season for longer periods. They will take the opportunity to visit the attractions in the area.” People will be able to go to Rimouski to visit the Maritime Museum and the Onondaga submarine.”

“In Trois-Pistoles, cruises to Île aux Basques are very popular. They provide a better understanding of the history surrounding the presence of these people who were there before Jacques Cartier arrived.”

“Very close to here, we have the Parc du Mont Saint-Mathieu, where people can hike or go mountain biking. The lakeside beach is available. This season, we will be able to resume our activities like thematic weekends. Really, accommodation allows you to With us try many different things. »

This campground is rated five stars. It has 262 locations, including 227 RVs, 23 campers/mobile tents, and 12 luxury chalets/cabins for four or six people.

Backpackers can find a place there for a short stay, whatever the type of equipment, from tents to the tallest recreational vehicles.

We can also highlight the camaraderie that pervades the site, which many campers are often looking for.

You will quickly realize that staying there will be very enjoyable to live and share.

The Domaine Saint-Mathieu department also offers many services such as high-quality accommodation, terrace, lounge bar, dining room and fitness room. Gas service is also available.

For more information, you can visit one of the following websites: www.kobassaintlaurent.com where www.domainelacstmathieu.com. You can also call 1800562-2482.

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