Alzheimer’s disease: How to live with the disease

Alzheimer’s disease affects nearly 900,000 people in France. How do you manage this neurological disease?

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Neurons: spider venom can prevent their death after a stroke
Neurons: spider venom could prevent their death after stroke – –
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Understanding Alzheimer’s disease

Marina Carrere de Encos and Regis Boxeli explain Alzheimer's disease
Marina Carrere de Encos and Regis Boxeli explain Alzheimer’s disease –
Health Magazine – France 5

Memory problems, difficulty finding directions in time and space, gradual loss of language and autonomy … Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are often characteristic. But what happens in the brain affected by this neurodegenerative disease?

Brain cells, neurons, are organized into a network to transmit nerve impulses and information throughout the body.
In Alzheimer’s disease, brain tissue is damaged and the brain has three characteristics:
· a loss of neurons

· The plaque formation It is called amyloid, due to the accumulation of certain proteins
· The Malformation of some proteins (Tau proteins) that make up the internal structure of nerve cells.

All of these lesions develop in the brain year after year. Most of the brain’s internal structures, including the hippocampus dedicated to memory, are first affected. That is why the disease manifests itself first in general memory problems.

The lesions then reach other areas of the brain, which process more global information related to gestures and language. Then patients suffer from Language disorders (Aphasia), she can’t do that anymore name of things (Aunt) , to get to know more things Difficulty coordinating their movements and the performance of tactile gestures (apraxia). Eventually, the patient’s brain ends up with complete atrophy.

What are the treatments for Alzheimer’s disease?

Ultrasound to treat Alzheimer’s disease? –
Health Magazine

There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The only treatments available so far are aimed at Reduce symptoms nervousness;

Research is currently underway to develop drugs that will slow the progression of the disease. In the United States, in 2021, the first treatment directed against the mechanism of the disease, the presence of amyloid plaques in the brain, was approved by health authorities. Called Aduhelm, this treatment is produced by the pharmaceutical company Biogen. But its efficacy has not yet been proven and this drug is still a matter of debate.

In the meantime, other ways exist to improve patients’ quality of life. This is for example a case Ultrasound treatmentsIt has been studied for its ability to reduce the progression of symptoms. In fact, ultrasound will allow toxins responsible for Alzheimer’s disease to be evacuated into the bloodstream instead of accumulating on nerve cells.

Activities to overcome everyday difficulties

Alzheimer’s: Rediscovering the Pleasure in Cooking
Health Magazine

To find forgotten gestures and awaken memoriesSometimes workshops are offered for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. Practicing cooking as a helping couple is one of them. The smells, tastes, colors, sensations, and manipulations of food help patients work on their gestures, memory, and coordination.

The ultimate goal, for the patient, is to find the pleasure and desire to perform a task but also to comfort the caregiver. For the latter, these workshops are also an escape because supporting a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s on a daily basis can often be stressful.

In fact, if it Alzheimer’s disease It is difficult for the patient to live with him, as it is difficult for his relatives whose daily lives are disrupted. Doing activities together helps to better deal with the difficulties of the pathology.

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