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Eris Gagnon Heaven

Eris Gagnon Heaven

Veronique Larroque

Veronique Larroque

Dine with Julie Snyder

The characters who launched their range of food products, are not new and the result is not always happy. So we weren’t convinced beforehand when we learned that Julie Snyder was releasing a collection of the same name off the shelves. But the producer and host clearly did things right, with the support of her business partners Amelie Leger and Marie-Pierre Goudreau. All products are vegetarian or vegan, with a strong desire to offer healthy, easy-to-cook options with a short list of ingredients and no artificial flavors. Great variety: tofu and tofu spreads, peanut or almond butter, sauces (vegan bolognese, vegan tofu or lime ricotta, our favourite), olive oil and vinegar, our favorite, especially the lemon caesar, so delicious. Good healthy choice, made in Quebec too!

Tofu spreads, tofu, peanut or almond butter, sauces, olive oil and seasonings. Vegetarians or vegans
Between $4.99 and $12.99, products are shown exclusively on METRO

Drink apple cider vinegar…without eyelids!

Photo courtesy of Mama Shrub

Mama syrup is ready to drink

Apple cider vinegar is popular, and it has many benefits, such as aiding digestion and regulating blood sugar. But no one wants to drink from a spoon. New Quebec brand has made Mama Shrub (by Alimentation Biodev) the main ingredient for 100% natural and organic soft drinks. Ready-to-drink from a “shrub”, that is, a sour drink obtained from soaking fruits, sugar and vinegar, is obtained here with apple juice, to which sparkling water is added, quite simply. It’s very low in calories (between 35 and 50 calories per can), very thirst quenching, and the vinegar taste is subtle. Even his 7-year-old son has adopted the four flavors on offer: raspberry, lavender, strawberry, pink pepper, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, and rosewater. Enjoy it as is or incorporate it into your summer cocktails by taking inspiration from the recipes featured on the site.

Mama drink
100% natural and organic soft drinks
$11.19 for a pack of 4, available at several points of sale, including Provigo, Uniprix and Les Marchés Traditions

Amazing sauce bars

Photo provided by FOODIE FAMILY

Cooking sauce cooking bar

Apprentice chefs, busy workers or weary parents, Bar to Cook cooking sauce bars can become your great dinnertime allies. This culinary innovation created by The Foodie Family in Montreal is surprising. By adding water to this chocolate bar-like product, a creamy and delicious sauce is made in about twenty minutes. Bar to Cook products taste thousands of miles away from those often too salty dried sauces and gravies. These bars are primarily made with deodorized cocoa butter, organic seasoning powder, and organic vegetable powder as well. Five bars are currently served: Moroccan, Indian, Provencal, Spanish and Tex-Mex. Each box contains an easy-to-follow recipe. What to cook tagine, paella or even curry like a chef.

Bar to cook
Cut the cooking sauce
$32.50 for Discovery Box containing the five items, available to pre-order on the Bar to Cook website

Leap in the Middle East and North Africa

Photo submitted by win

Recipe ideas are available on the Al’Fez website.

With Al’Fez products, it’s quick and easy to make your tastebuds travel to the Middle East or North Africa. The British brand that recently showed up in Quebec offers a variety of products inspired by market stalls. Shawarma or shish tawook seasoning is ideal for seasoning meat. It becomes very tasty without being too hot. Faz is also sauces, harissa paste, tahini, and combinations of side dishes such as couscous. Most of these products are vegetarian. We really loved the Lebanese-style falafel mix, which makes it possible to make hummus balls in just five minutes, without a food processor. Fewer dishes on weekdays, that’s fun! However, we would have liked the mixture to have less salt.

Shawarma or shish tawook dressing, sauces, harissa paste, tahini and sets of side dishes
From $3 to $6, products are available at Metro, IGA, Provigo, and Walmart


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