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Eric LaFrancois

Eric LaFrancois
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catching the Chane

I currently have a 2009 Prius with about 330,000 miles that needs several repairs. I really like this reliable and economical car, but spending more to keep it in good condition seems superfluous and selling it shouldn’t be a big deal. There are two options that interest me: the Corolla Cross Hybrid as well as the new Prime 2023 Edition. The latter will have a box with better capacity than the current generation. However, I may have to wait until 2023 to get one of these two models. I plan to keep my car for ten years. Prime 2022 is giving me a problem because of the trunk size as my needs will change as we plan to have children. Would a Prime 2022 lease that can be delivered quickly for four or five years be a good option? Then I can buy a car that fits my needs more in four or five years.

Oliver S.

In the coming weeks, Toyota should present a new generation of its Prius. It will likely be marketed as of fall 2022. However, at the time of this writing, nothing indicates that its trunk dimensions have increased. The Corolla Cross Hybrid should also land in dealerships starting in the fall, but unlike the Prime, it won’t have a steering wheel wire (it’s not plugged in) and won’t qualify for any government subsidies. Now, given your waiting times, the current condition of your vehicle, and the availability of Prius Prime in your area, the best option would be to opt for the latter.

Have a good trip

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All motor vehicles registered in Quebec (there are a few exceptions) are required to wear 1Verse December to March 15th.

We will be leaving Quebec at the end of November for a trip to Texas and Arizona. Return to Quebec around 10 March. Should we leave with winter tires or not? I am renting a 2021 Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid. Please enlighten me about this.

John F.

The simple answer is without winter tires. However, it is important to remember that all motorway vehicles registered in Quebec (there are a few exceptions) are required to wear 1Verse December to March 15th. If your return date is “around March 10,” you must obtain an exemption certificate. This certificate is free and the exemption period is seven days. You can be awarded four winter certificates for each vehicle.

Residual value

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The merchant cannot modify the residual value indicated in the contract.

If the market value at the end of my car lease is higher than the remaining amount indicated in the contract, can the dealer change this amount?

Norman C.

Whether the market value of your car is higher or lower than the amount specified in your lease, the dealer cannot adjust the residual value.

turn around

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2014 Honda CR-V

We have a 2013 Honda CR-V with 170,000 km and a 2016 Ford Explorer with 44,000 km. Since my retirement, we’ve realized we don’t need two vehicles. We travel an average of 15,000 kilometers per year. Do we sell one of the vehicles or do we sell both vehicles and get a new one? Or finally, choose to rent while receiving an electric or hybrid vehicle like Toyota Prime or Chevrolet Bolt?

Francine B.

Faced with the bidding in the used car segment and the cost of a liter of gasoline, you can also put both up for sale and get a new car that is less energy efficient and meets your needs. A plug-in hybrid is a nice transition from an all-electric vehicle, but given the annual mileage and longevity of your current vehicle, an immediate switch to all-electric should be considered. The problem: availability. This factor may guide your final decision. Therefore, the suggested route is to make your choice of a vehicle that meets your criteria, file an application with your dealer and dispose of one of the two suspended vehicles. Which ? explorer.

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