Tennis is good for Vincent Rohrer

The National Bank Open ceremonies have officially begun as the raffle was held on Friday afternoon. Quebec is now in tennis mode. Canadians believe that Vincennes Rohrer is a tennis player himself, having used the sport to improve his hockey skills.

This is not a secret, many people say so; Practicing several sports helps performance. The Canadians played hockey and tennis in the third round as a child. He was very good at tennis. He even became the Austrian junior national tennis champion when he was younger.

For Rohrer, tennis helped him improve many aspects of his game, especially the distractions.

“Tennis has helped a lot with coordinating my hands and feet. I spent all my time netting in a power game in Ottawa because I made it clear to the players that if they threw the disc normally, with a normal wrist shot, I would twist it 9 times out of 10. On that with our defender positioned the part Top of the area, Jacques Mater. – Vinzenz Rohrer in an interview on the NHL Draft

He’s still right, because this season, 7 of his 25 goals have been scored in power play with Ottawa 67. In fact, he’s so confident in his deflecting abilities that he’s developed a new style of play and hardly moves in the power game.

“The guys on the wings are mostly one-off or go ahead and shoot, which is hard to put off. I’m more of a screen person. That’s why I’ve always been saying to the guns at this moment: ‘If you have a lane, shoot.’” Don’t even wonder if there’s an aperture or if you should shoot high or low; Shot towards the goal and Scharfh. “Not that bad, strategy.” – Vinzenz Rohrer in an interview on the NHL Draft

If he can continue this momentum in the NHL, Rohrer could quickly become a weapon of choice for CH and especially a fan favorite. In Montreal, fans love the players who go into the net and are not ashamed of it. Just think of Brendan Gallagher and Corey Perry during the 2021 qualifiers.

In fact, his participation in the power game can clearly help, because the Canadian power game is not doing well. On the other hand, if the Canadian can count on a sniper in Cole Caufield on the side and on Vincennes Rohrer deflecting shots in front of the net, things could improve for Montreal.

Tennis not only helped Rohrer with his skill, but also mentally. He explains that in tennis, if it’s a bad match, everyone sees it. In hockey, it is easier to hide behind the team. Therefore, by playing an individual sport, he became mentally stronger and better at taking bad shots.

Rohrer has always enjoyed tennis, but decided to focus on his hockey career as he prefers teamwork for the sport. Fortunately for Montreal, it looks like he won’t be picking sticks for the next few years.

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