Nothing will change

In the coming days, coming hours, you’ll get to know their names. their age. six years. Seven years. In the newspapers, on your screens, you will see their little faces appear. crunchy. With peace of mind. life ahead of them.

Posted May 25

And your heart will turn to pieces. still.

You’d imagine them running to school for the last time on Tuesday morning. Take the yellow bus, lunch box in hand. Mom’s kiss, Dad’s kiss. I’ll see you later.

They will not return.

You can imagine them taking refuge in their offices, as their teacher explained to them, because these things happen in this country. Usually it’s just an exercise.

This time a monster will kill them.

America will allow him to do so. still.

America will tremble with anger. still.

Nothing will change.

How many massacred children will it take for the United States to decide to attack the gun culture, a murderous culture that is corrupting their society?

Ten years after the murder of Sandy Hook, this murder changed everything, the answer is unfortunately clear: There will never be enough.

There won’t be enough young Americans massacred in school to change the laws, mentalities, and culture of this crazy country. guns.

Ah, because they prefer to pray, our neighbors to the south.

They arrive with renewed fervor every time terror strikes them, seemingly unaware of the sheer ineffectiveness of their pious strategy. Texas Senator Ted Cruz was quick to tweet after Tuesday’s shooting: “Heidi and I pray heartily for the children and families of the horrific Ovaldi shooting.”

Sworn promise, his prayers are entirely dedicated to the young victims and their parents. What a cute attention, all the same. However, his actions revolve around the gun lobby.

What an intolerable hypocrisy.

Speaking of the hypocrisy, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the killer shot children “in a horrific and incomprehensible manner.”

It’s horrible, we all agree. But it is not incomprehensible. Texas is the paradise of Venice. Politicians continue to loosen the rules there. As of September 2021, gun owners in this state can carry one openly, in public, without a license or training. The real wild west.

There is a culture Gun It is proudly encouraged – including by Governor Greg Abbott. “I’m embarrassed: Texas is No. 2 in the country for buying new guns, after California,” he tweeted in 2015. Let’s move to the pace, Texas. Embed Tweet »

Let’s pick up the pace. Come on Texans, let’s buy guns, tons of guns. More than any other in the country! And then, we’ll pretend to be surprised when patients end up using it.

10 years ago, 20 children and 6 adults were murdered at a school in Sandy Hook.

Since then, the United States has been the scene of 3,500 mass shootings. About one a day. Horror strikes everywhere. In an African American church. In a gay nightclub. in a synagogue. In a massage parlour. in the supermarket. And in schools: 45 school shootings a year, on average.

This is totally insane and it doesn’t stop. On the contrary, Americans are buying weapons like never before to protect their families. Paradox: the more they fear violence, the more they try to protect themselves from it, the more they create the conditions that generate it.

As a result, firearms overtaken car accidents in 2020 to become the leading cause of child death in the United States!

It is unbearable. But this will not change. Gun culture is very well established in the United States. In the name of freedom, and of the right to roam with a gun, most Republicans will continue to oppose any legislation that ends the carnage.

Chris Murphy, the Democratic senator from Connecticut, addressed them Tuesday shortly after the murder. ‘Why are you here?’ he asked, his voice rising with emotion. ‘Why are you spending so much time running for the United States Senate if your response, when killings are on the rise, when our children are running for their lives, is you doing nothing? »

Then Chris Murphy folded his hands in prayer and begged his colleagues to do something to finally stop the killing.

It is not likely to be more effective than praying to God.


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