An open door for Joshua Roy?

Game 3 between the Rocket and Springfield Thunderbirds will premiere Wednesday on RDS and RDS Direct at 7 p.m. ET.

Laval – Gabriel Burke was evident by his absence on the ice at Place Belle on Tuesday morning. The veteran was forced out of Sunday’s game when Dakota Joshua hit his head in the first half.

We still don’t know his place in Game 3 of the series between Rocket and Springfield Thunderbirds, but his lack of availability could open the door for Joshua Roy, who is still waiting to play his first professional game. The 18-year-old striker wore only a red shirt on Tuesday. Complete a trilogy with Cédric Paquette and Joël Teasdale.

Roy joined the Canadiens School Club by signing an amateur workout contract after eliminating Sherbrooke Phoenix in the semi-finals of the QMJHL playoffs. The selection of the fifth round of 2021 was Corto’s top scorer in the league this season, with 119 points in 66 matches. He added 23 points in 11 playoffs.

Head coach Jean-Francois Houle said he was confident Roy would be able to make his contribution if he had to put his name on the match sheet.

“It’s a big step. It’s physical hockey now and we know Springfield has a lot of experience, and they don’t have a lot of guys. But I think he’s proven that he can play at a high level. He’s been watching from the stands for a few games. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but I think he’s He can help us if he joins the squad.”

“I played with him a little bit in the training camp, he is an excellent hockey player, said Jean-Sebastien Dea. Of course, having a young player like this come to play in the conference final is not easy, but I think he has all the skills to do a good job. run out. If he joins training, I’m not worried about it. »

Riley Kidney, another Canadian player training with the B team, was not on duty with the main group on Tuesday.

If Burky loses, he will be the second player to lose a Rocket to such a hit since the start of the playoffs. In the first match of the second round, defender Matthias Norländer was knocked out. With a sneaky attack from Ben Holmstrom. We haven’t seen him since.

Holmstrom was suspended twice for his misdemeanour. However, Hall doesn’t think Joshua’s hit falls into the same category.

“We watched the video and I got hit in the blind spot, but it wasn’t in the head, it was in the shoulder. I don’t think it was worth commenting. Yes that was. blind side And a little last minute, but it wasn’t an elbow like the one on Norlander that I really headed. It’s not even close. »

Beckett’s presence in training was somewhat surprising. Gaspésien was due to wear his uniform on Sunday in Springfield, but his name was removed from training just before the meeting. It was Peter Abandonato who replaced him in a short time.

Even if everything seemed to indicate that he was ready to take up the collar, Holly didn’t confirm his presence in the next duel.

The series between Rocket and Springfield Thunderbirds tied 1-1. The next three matches will be played Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Place Belle.

Hoover or Lindgren: Not the same battle

Rocket saw both Thunderbirds goalkeepers in the first phase of the series. And on Saturday, Joel Hoover blocked 41 shots in Springfield’s 2-1 win in overtime. The next day, Charlie Lindgren was beaten four times in 26 rounds in a Laval match.

Holly expects to see Hoover again facing Kayden Primo while the series moves to Quebec. He admits that his message to his players varies depending on who the opposing goalkeeper is.

“Of course he changes something. Hoover plays the disc very well and he is very dangerous. He can take us in the wrong position when making changes. In the game of strength, often when you make a change, he can send a puck and create a 3 on 2. Of course, if he plays, he should To be smarter about putting the disc in when we send it deeper into their territory. You have to keep it away from him.”

Holly praised goalkeeper Marco Marciano’s work in this aspect of the team’s preparations.

“At the beginning of the series, we bring in the players and we watch a video of each goalkeeper. We look at their weaknesses, as they give their goals. It is part of our willingness to try to generate more insult.”

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