CFM Wins Offensive Festival


Montreal – Always be prepared to be surprised when Montreal face FC Cincinnati.

For the third time in less than a year, the residents of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area emerged victorious in a stunning backhand against their Ohio rivals, who were defeated 4-3 at Saputo Stadium on Saturday.

23 goals have been scored in the last four matches between the two teams. That’s a lot, even more when you consider that this sample includes a 0-0 tie.

“It’s always weird against this team, it always ends with astronomical results, try to explain Joel Waterman after the match. I don’t know why! As a defender, I like that you defend a lot better than that. But at least we managed to score more goals than them and in the end.” , This is important. “

In front of a team that won the last four matches on the road, Montreal FC bounced back after receiving the first goal in the first half, and then suffered in the second half of the match despite its two-goal lead.

Rommel Koyoto, who has not been able to net in six matches, was the match’s attacking star with a double. His second goal of the evening, scored from a penalty kick in the 59th minutee Minutes, that made the difference.

Other winners’ goals came from Waterman and Mathieu Choinière.

“I’m glad the players found the resources to win that match, coach Wilfried Nancy commented after describing today’s show as ‘not great’ for once, given that we’re now on vacation, I’ll say I’ll forget about it.”

By ending a short two-game losing streak, CF Montreal (7-5-2) cemented their place at the top of the Eastern Conference standings after a two-week international break in their schedule. His next match is scheduled for June 18 against Austin FC.

“It’s huge,” Waterman said. After that undefeated streak we ran, we didn’t want to slip the other way. Those two losses hurt us, but we wanted to make sure we got those three points before the break. We insisted and it is good to be able to say that the job is done. »

Victor Wanyama added, “It was very important to get into injury time positively. We need that energy. When we come back, I know we will restart with enthusiasm because we will have left behind a good result. The motivation will be very high when we come back.”

Mihajlovic was injured

But the team was dealt a heavy blow early in the game as midfielder Djorji Mihajlovic was forced out of the match after suffering what appeared to be a left ankle injury. Falling into the fight after a normal defensive withdrawal in the third minute, Mihajlovic tried to play despite the pain but had to give in to a request for a substitution a quarter of an hour into the match.

There’s no good time to get injured, but No. 8 didn’t wipe his tears for nothing as he left the field. After the meeting, the young American was scheduled to join his country’s squad in a series of four matches that would help coach Greg Berhalter in the formation of the list that will represent the United States at the World Cup in the United States in November. We will have to see in the coming days if the news will be more encouraging than its appearance for the Chicago native.

The opponent was leading 1-0 when the talented Montreal retired to the locker room. His classmates could have shrunk at this sad scene, but his departure had the opposite effect.

at 22e Minutes, the Montreal team tied the match on a replica of the goal that had already been conceded ten minutes earlier. At the corner taken by Joaquin Torres, Kemal Miller extended on the far post towards Waterman. The redhead blasted into the top corner to equal the team’s set tag in 2013 and 2021: it was the defender’s seventh goal since the start of the season.

CFM doubled its advance before the end of the period. Leggy From the start of the match, Quioto rolled after receiving a pass from Torres and without any lace, and found a way to frustrate three opponents to put the ball behind goalkeeper Roman Celentano.

Torres was substituted for Kai Camara after the break. The latter made his coach look like a genius by setting up Chouener’s goal a few seconds after the match resumed. Camara positioned at the entrance to the small rectangle, placing his foot on a cross from Lacey LaPalainen at the perfect angle to highlight his Quebec partner.

But a two-goal lead in a game against Cincinnati is like a couple emerging from a double occupation: it’s not meant to last. Six minutes into the celebration, Alvaro Barreal got an ill-fitting cover in the penalty area and made it 3-2 for the home side to pay the cash.

Quioto wasted no time in regaining the lead, but Junior Moreno also responded with his second match soon after.

Sebastian Briza, who was already more convincing in front of his nets, at least found a way to protect his streak to the finish, especially by outsmarting the dangerous Brandon Vazquez in 66e the moment. Cerberus finished his period with three saves.

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