Back to the highlights of the first live edition of Journal du Luxe 3.0 live from VivaTech.

Web3, Metaverse, IA, AR/VR, phygital… Every day, new brands are launched into these new worlds. To decipher the dense news, analyze and learn but also to receive expert opinion, Journal du Luxe has officially launched its live program which will be held every 15 days.

In its inaugural edition, Journal du Luxe 3.0 made a special resonance by filming it in part during VivaTech, the world’s largest tech gathering. Reception opportunity for Alice Chang, CEO and founder of Perfect Corp. , a successful unicorn that will soon be listed on the stock market and will become the partner in these first live shows. Back to this first episode.

Luxury 3.0, a long-term strategic paradigm shift.

Talking about luxury 3.0 means talking about technology, but above all about generational and societal changes, building a new brand identity and new customer experience.

This is how listeners felt when they saw Levi appear, the new virtual muse LVMH Proudly presented at VivaTech alongside Bernard Arnault. It took just a few minutes through the aisles of one of the exhibition’s largest pavilions to realize just how pervasive the Web3 phenomenon is in luxury, from Guerlain and Cryptobees, to Bulgari and its NFT watch to Christian Dior, which offers a connected client experience through various technologies.

Among the major news for the two weeks, it’s hard to miss an announcement sales force Which in turn runs in Web3. The largest CRM platform for businesses will soon offer an NFT Cloud platform that will allow them to manage their customers’ engagement and manage NFTs directly from them. We learned about the alliance between Data and Web3: trend confirmed.

It was also an opportunity to review a few stats NFTs . drops Icons like Gucci and Superplastic but also Murakami and her collaboration with Hublot, as well as a Tag Heuer ad that now allows crypto investors to display NFT on their watch. A new way to stand out in Luxury 3.0?

Leap news about mass adoption of encryption – although there is a market in the red – has made it possible to return to many brands such as Balenciaga, Farfetch and Tag Heuer that now accept payments in cryptocurrency.

in the subject of blockchainThe news that caught the eye is Prada’s arrival with the NFT Group and the development of Lunu, the leader in crypto payment methods that now accepts Ripple and allows luxury brands to continue to advance in this universe.

Focus, finally, on discord And the special link created via this platform by brands for their customers, in particular, with competitions to energize and engage communities.

Luxury 3.0 is at the crossroads of immersive worlds.

The rest of the news this time is dedicated to the games With a special zoom in on the demo that Sony gave a few days ago for the VR2 helmet. This once again shows how much gaming is an essential component of the Metaverse.

in’immersive areaJournal du Luxe 3.0 is back with the release of Top Gun in 4DX and the strength of immersion in the community at large, as well as efforts still to be made in terms of approach and user experience.

Also discussed was the launch of the first real Byredo fragrance from Métaverse in collaboration with RTFKT for the AlphaMeta essence.

The Big Interview: Alice Chang, CEO and founder of Perfect Corp.

Al Kamal Company uses new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and now NFTs to rethink the customer’s journey in the world of beauty through virtual experiences that allow the experience of products. The YouCam app in particular has been downloaded by over a billion people around the world. In addition, more than 10 billion virtual installations are made each year, which is impressive numbers for a rhino that will soon be listed on the exchange.

luxury newspaper live

Most recently, the company launched into the NFTs by offering four makeup looks “Astral”, “Queen”, “Cosmonaut”, “Mystical” and “Glitching”, available on the OpenSea platform which gives customers access to these styles from Perfect Corp’s YouCam application.

But the company doesn’t stop there as it is now considering the Metaverse.Today, the Metaverse is still difficult to define. What we notice is that it can be associated with encryption and NFTs but it also exists independently Alice Chang said to whom “The Metaverse is a great opportunity for the beauty sector, especially through the concept of a virtual store..

In conclusion, Alice Chang described the potential offered by Web3 and the immersive realms of beauty and luxury, as well as the starting point offered by artificial intelligence. The ultimate goal is to create a hybrid world that combines the advantages of physical and digital (…) The magic of AI is very important in beauty use cases, along with augmented reality technology. AI now brings more added value. For example, it can detect your skin tone and even the quality of your skin to tailor the best recommendations for the right beauty products..

The live broadcast ended with Frederic Cavazza’s intervention on Metaverse’s marketing practices and the reveal of a POAP designed for the occasion in collaboration with artist Valérie Lade.

poap jdl

Find below a rerun of this live stream and see you June 30th for the next release!

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