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A new group of restaurateurs was born under the name Grandio

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Nathael Morissette

Nathael Morissette

Sportscene – who runs La Cage – Brasserie Sportive – becomes Grandio. This new group of restaurants with more than a dozen chains and fifty branches will allow Cochon dingue, a Quebec institution, to establish itself on the Montreal scene. The aim of this group: to create the “New Pioneer of Quebec”.

Groupe Grandio, which will be officially created at the end of July, will notably bring together La Cage – Brasserie sportive, Cochon dingue, Chez Lionel, Crémy Pâtisserie and Moish. Each brand will continue to operate independently.

This organizational structure will be led primarily by Jean Bedard, President and CEO of Groupe Grandio – formerly Sportscene (La Cage – Brasserie sportive, Moishes) – Pierre Moreau, CEO of Restos Plaisirs (Cochon dingue, Lapin sauté, Café du monde), and Champlain. Finance. It took control of Sportscene with Jean Bedard when the company was privatized at the beginning of the year.

Created in response to the pandemic, which has hit restaurant owners hard, Grandio will allow local businesses to continue to thrive in Quebec, according to Pierre Moreau. “The danger when we go through crises like this is that Americans come in and go out of our business. I am happy to tell myself that I will be with a gang that wants to keep our business in Quebec,” he said during a phone interview.

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Pierre Moreau, CEO of Restos Plaisirs (crazy pig, sauteed rabbit, international coffee)

Grandio will also allow several chains to break out of their fold. “We made this deal to bring Cochon to Montreal, that’s for sure,” says Jean Bedard. Restos Plaisirs had intended for a while to establish itself on the south shore, in the northern crown and possibly in the capital, but the pandemic came to spoil the plans of the company whose main office is in Quebec.

With Groupe Grandio, the project will finally be able to come true, clearly demonstrating the power and advantage of being part of this group, according to Jane Bedard. “We have the financial strength of the Champlain Group behind us.”

For us, it will act as an accelerator for growth. I have well-established partners already in the Montreal area. They will help us identify locations where we can develop our brands.

Pierre Moreau, CEO of Restos Plaisirs

Is there a risk in trying to settle in the West where the market is different from the market in Quebec? “I still have little catering experience, I’ve been in this business for 30 years,” he recalls with a smile in his voice. We will now have a great team that knows the markets very well. I’m not really interested in our ability to establish ourselves in the greater Montreal region,” Mr Moreau adds, acknowledging the same in the process that ‘small adjustments’ may be necessary.

Moishes, an institution on Saint-Laurent Boulevard for 80 years and purchased by Sportscene in 2018, which will reopen in the fall in the Caisse de dépôt et placement building, can, for its part, extend its tentacles to Ottawa. “We will create a great platform for Quebec brands that we will try to develop in Quebec or maybe abroad for some brands that have legs,” explains Jean Bedard.

Pandemic and monotheism

By his own admission, Jean Bedard believes Groupe Grandio would not have seen the light of day had there not been a health crisis linked to COVID-19. The pandemic has shuffled the cards. »

For two years, Jean Bedard and Pierre Moreau, who had known each other for years, doubled down on discussions. They were also in contact with other restaurants. “We got very close. We shared some of the same concerns. We spoke once a week. During that time, we got to know each other better.”

“It’s sad because there are some who have beautiful brands, beautiful restaurants, and they give up because they are stressed,” he says. According to him, the composition of the group makes it possible to get stronger kidneys and pass through bad weather.

Furthermore, if he acknowledges that there is currently a strong trend towards consolidation, particularly in the catering business, Groupe Grandio Chairman stresses that creating the new entity is not a way to balance Foodtastic. or even MTY. “I am not a man who will do things against others,” he says. It is not an answer to nothing. Obviously there are a lot of installs going on right now. »

As for Grandio, other brands could soon join the group, assures Jean Bedard. “It is not over, we will want to have other partners who share the same values ​​with us. It is the beginning.”

Grandio . group

  • Sportcene transformed into a Grandio . group
  • Canals: La Cage – Brasserie sportive, Restos Plaisirs (crazy pig, sautéed rabbit, Ciel!, Paris Grill, Café du Monde, JaJa, Madame Chose), Chez Lionel-Brasserie française, IRU Izakaya, Crémy Pâtisserie and Moishes
  • Number of branches: 55
  • Number of employees: 3800
  • Headquarters: Boucherville

Other restaurant groups


  • Some chains: La Belle & La Bœuf, Second Cup, L’Gros Luxe, Rotisseries Benny, Copper Branch, Nickel’s
  • Number of restaurants in Quebec: more than 200
  • Total number of restaurants in the country: 722
  • More than twenty brands
  • Headquarters: Montreal

Mty Power Group

  • Some channels: Mikes, Sushi Shop, Thai Express, Bâton Rouge, Scores
  • Over 6,700 establishments, of which 1,154 are in Quebec (17%), 39% are in Canada (including Quebec), 54% are in the United States and 7% are elsewhere in the world by 80 brands
  • Headquarters: Montreal

Recipe group

  • Some chains: St-Hubert, Harvey’s, New York Fries (NYF), East Side Mario’s
  • 1,261 restaurants in Canada and elsewhere in the world by 21 brands. 178 Restaurants in Quebec
  • Headquarters: Vaughan, Ontario

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