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It’s 10 pm. sharp when the first notes of Batu Mochis Reverberating, Friday evening, the floor and walls of Mtelus vibrate. Eddie de Brito is there. The music is silent and she is a cappella, landing in the middle of the crowd, singing the lyrics of the song taken from his last great album. to all bastards. The crowd is cheerful.

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Marisa Groggy

Marisa Groggy

What a start of the show! And the sequel did not disappoint. Applauded by the audience, Di Brito made it clear that he would be giving an a cappella show, a soft show. We almost think so (we’re even excited about the idea), then the lights come on, and on stage, the musicians send in their all. Once again, the room is shaking under our feet. It will not be a capella. It won’t be easy – although moments of deep tenderness await us later at the prom. No strings attached to this illuminating performance that Di Brito admits he’s waited for too long.

Montreal is a very special place for the French singer-songwriter, who has not returned to a show in four years. He takes the time to say how happy he is to be there.

Eddie De Brito knows how to move the crowd. He can only sing, and he will delight the Montreal audience, who has already won. But it does take the time to interact with the lively Mtelus. Montreal loves Eddie de Brito, and he loved her again. It’s nice to look at.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration

Eddie de Brito – and the crowd – at Mtelus

when Kretel Soleil The bass starts out and the singer does what he does best. His voice is precise, his energy is infectious, and his interpretation is impressive. He does it every time after that.

It must be said that De Brito is well served by his musical repertoire. his albums a priest And the to all bastardsEquipped with prose pieces and great percussion. Add to that an undeniable ability to deliver phenomenal performance. The result: an unforgettable evening, which will last more than an hour and a half, but will pass very quickly.

quarter moonsAnd the slingshotAnd the The party is too muchAnd the completelyAnd the random : We move between the titles of 2018 (a priest) and 2021)to all bastards). Then he presents a new song “Sad Song” that will be released soon.

Eddie De Brito’s voice is unique and powerful. So he does not hesitate to return to the a cappella, until the sounds of his microphone enchant the audience alone.

The effect is also amazing when he sits down for piano sound interpretations, especially on the very beautiful ones Rose come And the stop (A duet with French Yseult we hear on the recording).

King of “Bastards”

“These two albums saved my life, you really saved my life. Because how hard is it to assume who you are,” he says, midway through the show, before continuing on what’s the point. Eddie de Britto is the spokesperson for “all bastards,” for all those who don’t fit in the boxes and who have to fight for the right to be who they are. Many can somehow relate to the experience that the redhead describes in his songs. Friday night was proof of that. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Frenchman’s words resonate.

“Are there freaks here in Montreal?” Prieto asks, before the play FreaksHymn “All Beasts”, “The Untouchables”, “The Lonely”.

After appearing, he was pinned again near the crowd, finished Babythen back to Batu Mochis, this time with his (very talented) musicians. He walks out of the stage with an uproar. The loop is closed beautifully.

It is hoped that another four years will not pass before his return. We all need moments like the one Eddie Di Preto has.

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