Shane Wright and pressure

(Buffalo) It’s three in the evening, coming and going slow down the hall as Shane Wright joins us. The happy hour crowd hasn’t invaded the building yet. The environment is well suited for a discussion of about twenty minutes. We even allow ourselves to carry it to take a picture.

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Clouds Lifrancois

Clouds Lifrancois

We tell him “sorry, I’m not a professional photographer, it wouldn’t be the photo of the century” to justify our inability to manage natural daylight.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a model either!”, he replies.

So there you have it, Olivier Jean and David Gandy are officially unthreatening in their respective fields.

This interaction underscores what is tangible in the interview: Shane Wright is comfortable in the media game. Organized in his notes, he was never bothered by his question, and always had the right amount of emphasis in his answers.

We think the 12 teams I met with him at Evaluation Camp kept the same impression. “A very mature and intelligent young man,” said Kent Hughes, general manager of Canadiens.

Surprised question? “One team asked me how much 25 was 25 times. I couldn’t answer, he admits. Another team named six or seven positions in my league and I had to say whether they were left-handed or right-handed. I had it all good!”

Earlier this season, the Canadian spoke with him for the first time via video link. The attacker had the right to ask CH’s classic question: Which animal represents you best? Answer: Bald eagle, “Because I am versatile and this bird can hunt on land and on water, it can run and fly.”


The issue of media and interest in general remains essential when talking about Wright.

He used to be young, earning an exceptional spot in the Ontario Junior League. It’s an exemption that allows him to play in OHL at the age of 15, which only had John Tavares, Aaron Ekblad, Connor McDavid and Sean Day in this circuit.

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Shane Wright

It was stressful, but maybe I was naive, so I didn’t realize it at first.

Shane Wright

Now click on a possible first option. Eckblad and Nico Hescher, who were drafted respectively in Florida and New Jersey, may not collapse under such pressure.

But it’s different in a market like Montreal. We’re still talking about the Canadian’s mistake in 1980, the last time the team had the first right to speak, which favored Doug Weikenheiser over Dennis Savard.

The disparity is large compared to other markets that have had the opportunity to get the first option. Throughout the season, the Wolves, who play anonymously in Arizona, were not far ahead of the Habs in the standings. They will talk at 3e Rank. Meanwhile, the demons got 2e Cucumber. During our visit to Newark in April, no journalist attended training the day before the game.

Is he ready to squeeze a city where a game within the group attracts 15,000 people to the Bell Center?

“I think so. It comes with the situation I’m in. Anyway, no matter where I play, there will be media. Of course, there is more in Montreal. But the fans love their team, they are crazy about it. There are expectations of winning, but that’s because The fans want the best for their players.”

It remains to be seen if he will develop into the Montreal frenzy. For reasons that Matthias Brunet has expertly explained, Wright is not a unanimous choice as the best hope of the old 2022 edition.

Unlike Patrick Roy when Avalanche recruited Nathan McKinnon in 2013, Kent Hughes refused to open his game, the Habs kept the mystery by inviting Logan Cooley to dinner, and they spent an hour with Juraj Slafkovsky on Wednesdays.

However, Wright hopes his name will be the first to speak on July 7.

“That’s my goal. I’m very competitive, I want to win, I want to be the best, so I want to be first. I did everything on the ice to show I deserved it. This week too… That’s what I answered to the people of Canada when they asked me why they should recruit me,” he said. It is an honor to have it drafted first.”

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