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Chichi: An Immortal Introduction is a dungeon crawler game developed by Shishi Studios in Montreal. It features Elijah, a young witch who must complete her training to become an Oracle. With its cute character and colorful dungeons, it immediately catches the eye.

A copy of the game and images provided by Shishi Studios

The game is a light-hearted roguelike, with games lasting just over an hour on average. You play as Elia, a young witch who can attack enemies using her staff or the spells she learns along the way.

Each dungeon floor consists of different rooms. In some of them there are vases that you can throw and smash, similar to a link, to find silver coins, hearts or ether crystals. In other cases, we encounter enemies that we must fight in turn. Some rooms give us a chest once all the enemies are destroyed, we can find the key to the big door, improve life points or ether.

Elijah already knows one magic spell when she reaches the dungeon, and she will learn four more: water, fire, ice and lightning. Each element is powerful against the other and can kill certain enemies in a single attack. There is a random spell on each floor of the dungeon. However, not all items are created equal, for example lightning is generally more useful than other items.

On each floor there is also a shop, the contents of which vary. It offers three items, including life potions, ether or extra hearts, and ether points. Sometimes the seller also offers simple ethereal hearts or crystals, which are not very useful.

Chichi: Immortal Introduction - Cute Dungeon Explorer

Since everything is random, dungeon crossings vary in difficulty. Finding lightning first makes it easier; On the other hand, finding yourself early against other witches can mean an early death. Store contents can also harm us, if we can’t stock up on potions. The first time I went to the bottom of the dungeon, I only had five hearts, which made defeating the boss impossible. On the other hand, the second time around, I had eight, so it was much easier.

This opportunity makes the game a little annoying, even if the crossing is very short. Getting to the bottom of a dungeon to find that you have two magic potions, or not enough hearts, is disappointing.

Chichi: Immortal Introduction - Cute Dungeon Explorer

But this is not the only disappointment. There are also a lot of small technical frustrations in timeless introduction. The camera keeps getting stuck in the walls. Vases sometimes remain fixed in the air, which prevents us from taking them back or, conversely, returning to our hand when we press A to grab another. Enemies advance towards us, then change their minds, stop and jump in place.

The game is also very repetitive, and battles usually only last for an attack or two, except for the last one in the dungeon. The combat music that starts each time adds to that feeling of an eternal reboot. And if the decorations of the dungeon differ, the decorations of the battles always present the same faded walls, which contrast with the colored floors.

Chichi: Immortal Introduction - Cute Dungeon Explorer

After you kill a certain number of enemies, you unlock other versions of Elia which changes things up a bit. For example, one of them doesn’t know any spells when they reach the dungeon, forcing us to use physical attacks. Some have fewer hearts and are therefore more fragile at the beginning of the game. Overall, however, these small differences fail to breathe new life into the game after a few times of play.

The game can be a good introduction to a roguelike, and its bright colors are sure to catch the attention of younger players. But overall, this is not a game we will return to.

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