“I never get stage fright.” – Laurent Paquin

Two years after accepting the challenge, Laurent Paquin finally appeared on stage this summer as François Pignon, in the famous play Le diner de cons. However, the comedian continues to make jokes and is even preparing for the next guy’s show.

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A prominent figure in French comedies, François Pinon was a clearly intended role for Laurent Paquin. The comedian explains, “French actor Jacques Villier was brilliant on film based on the play. I’m a huge fan of French comedies, and for me, Le diner de cons is a masterpiece in the same way as Molière’s best plays or a video. It’s all there!”

However, Laurent Paquin almost never played it. “Andre Ropitel and I had wanted to put on a show together for years, but that was never possible, mainly for scheduling reasons. When he made me a fools dinner, I was so glad I was finally available. Everything was working, even if we didn’t know yet. That we would have to postpone the project for two years due to a global pandemic.Even after these postponements, the originally planned cast were able to save themselves and everyone proceeded with the project happily.

Back to the stage

If Laurent Paquin was a regular on the scene, especially in solo, he’s played little part though

Theatre, with the exception of Lemmerdeur, for nearly 15 years, at Just for Laughs, and in some musicals such as Chicago or Demain matin, Montréal m’attend. “For me it’s a negative dinner out of class; that’s what I’d play most importantly on stage. But I’m not a nervous person before playing, I never get nervous. I just need to have fun. Jacques Villier and Thierry Lermet were perfect in the movie, but you have to Forget what was done before and play it as you think it should be played.

party in August

In addition to stage performances, Laurent Paquin works hard at ComediHa! Which will be hosted on August 18. “It’s a lot of writing, and preparation takes up a lot of my time. Otherwise, I write jokes, I quietly prepare a new show. Guillaume Pinault, Billy Teller, Sylvain Larroque, Mona de Grenoble, Julie Ringet, Pascal Morissette and Fabien Olicard will all participate in his concert that will be shown at the Capitol Theater in Quebec .

The comedian is also developing a feature film project, but it is going at its own pace. “I’m working on a film script and we’ll see what happens. It’s a field I’m not very good at, so I know it could take years before it works. I work with a friend, Jean-François Leger, who has more experience than me.”

News from his children

Laurent Paquin used our meeting to give us news about his family. Her son completed his third year of high school and found a new passion. “Albert discovered boxing recently. With the pandemic, he has been in front of his computer for two years playing video games. I thought it was starting to get dangerous. He had to get out of the house for a bit. I offered him to do boxing, and that in the end interests him a lot. I don’t think he’ll go as far as fighting in a ring, but it gives him the heart. As for Lisa, she’s still in grade school. Collecting snails and riding a bike. Everything is beautiful to her.”

Le dîner de cons is served at the Maison des Arts in Drummondville until August 27. Info: monarqueproductions.com. Laurent Paquin will host ComediHa on August 18th live from the Capitole Theater in Quebec City. Information: comedihafest.com.

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