A Carey Price contract will never be bought

I don’t know why, but rumors that Canadians can buy contracts over the summer refuse to die even if they don’t have water.

Purchasing a contract frees up short-term accounting dollars by spreading them (at 67% of their value) over twice the remaining term of that contract. In short, a GM who buys a contract does so because he wants to gain flexibility in the short term, even if it shackles it a little more in the long term.

Re-read that last sentence and you will understand that it is exactly the opposite of what the Canadian did yesterday by seeking Evgenii Dadonov for a season in exchange for Shea Weber (a four-year contract that is constantly being put on LTIR).

No, the Canadian won’t buy Jonathan Drouin or Paul Byron’s contract this summer. Both men will be used, then traded in Limit If they’ve had a good season – even if it means blocking out 50% of Multiply salary/maximum All of them – either put them on LTIR Until the end of their contract, if they are injured. Re-Call : Byron and Darwin will be eligible for full autonomy within a year.

What would be the point of saving a few pennies in 2021-22 when the season is in the water, but mortgaging the team’s payroll in 2022-23, when the Canadian wants Can Aiming for the playoffs? Especially since by doing this, Kent Hughes will definitely give up potential options/hopes at the next trade deadline.

But the more stupid speculation is that the Canadian might consider buying the Carey Price contract.

select my words : will not happen Startwhich – which!

why? Because the price will play or put on LTIR. There is no third option for him. No, he is not officially retiring because that would force him to forego $31.25 million. No sane person would dare to do that…

secondly, the purchase of the Price contract will not provide a significant accounting benefit to CH. somewhere Number For $10.5 million per season over four years on the team’s payroll, Brice will count For about four years, then for about half a million dollars a year between 2026 and 2030. He cannot be placed on the LTIR and thus give credit to the team.

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Why is it unprofitable to buy a Carey Price contract? Because it is structured in such a way that at the beginning of July each year gives him big sums (signing bonus) and very little base salary. When you buy a contract, you can only save from the initial base salary, not on signing bonuses.

In short, no, Kent Hughes is not going to buy a Byron, Darwin, or even Price contract. Instead he will be looking to trade in Jeremiah, Hoffman, Petrie & Co.. And let’s hope he does because the team’s future is on the line now. Not for the short term!

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