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A hoped-for meeting for some, an unexpected first date for others, Friday evening at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier in the company of MC Solaar was in any case a rare and busy occasion.

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Charles Eric Bliss Pauline

Charles Eric Bliss Pauline

It only took a few steps for the French rap pioneer, who had an instrumental red carpet rotated by a Montreal stringed orchestra, to generate a standing ovation.

Suit and hat, Claude Mbarali, from his real name, entered through the front door accompanied by He who sows the wind reaps the rhythmthe title track for his opening album, Slap and Lesson distributed to the French rap scene in the early ’90s. Many spectators stayed upright to answer MC: “Who sows the wind reaps…?” “Time!”

“In the name of father, son and Claude, MC Solaar invites you to rap parties.”

The veteran is back to perform “a rap party” in Montreal after nearly a quarter-century of lockups, career gaps and – now resolved – contract disputes with Polydor Records. The most recent tickets he sold in the capital to Francos, in the capital to be more precise, were stamped on June 22, 1998.

“The end justifies the means,” the Dakar-born girl will explain on this title taken from prose fight (1994), a cultured second album filled with alliteration, jazz, and scholarly references as well as folk symbols.

Solar will also derive from him a cult now supplementAnd the Outdated – all standing -, concubine hemoglobin or New Western. “Sometimes life feels like a stray bullet / In the modern system one drowns out / To stay clear, drink brandy / Now we’re waving, waving TV, shit and little kid,” the poet-rapper will drop two kilometers from the Formula One festivities.

The flow is sound: musical, subtle, streamlined, embodied.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration

MC Solar

Surprisingly, among the audience: many of the young men who fidgeted at the change tables in Quebec when the rapper gave birth to his greatest hits. Many of them sing along with their elders, and they undoubtedly participated in the delivery process. This is especially noticeable when the first notes of the songs resonate. Who sows the wind… : fashion victim – The audience need not be asked: “That’s his code name!” – Matt ArmandAnd the Caroline… And what about move from hereAnd the Which receives a particularly frantic reaction, and pushes hundreds of iPhones in video mode into the air.

According to the classics, seats at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier suffered very little on Friday evening. Even the most enthusiastic gather in the aisles, on either side of the stage.

“Montreal, how are you?” “I’m so happy to be in Montreal”: Not too talkative, in a sober and warm show, the club star chose to be generous in his music first. He will give about two hours of feasting divided into more than 20 songs.

With his newly released first three albums in his bag, the designer didn’t want to sit on his reputation and rely on nostalgia. Instead, he chose to revisit his musical repertoire with the jazz band New Big Band Project led by composer Issam Karimi. Enough to highlight the abundant musical experiences — polished with duo BoomBass/Zdar and DJ Jimmy Jay — that fuel Solaar’s debut albums.

Photo by Dennis Germain, special collaboration

McSolaar was accompanied by brass, string and backing vocals on Friday.

Jazz, funk, old-school hip-hop, French ballad … MC, accompanied by three “Cs” – brass, stringed, dancers (excellent and lively) – connects musical genres sometimes with phlegm, hand in pocket, sometimes with emotion, hand cut on pace. Perched on stage, frolicking with thirty singers and musicians, nodding merrily.

When MC Solaar pointed out that “we were nearing the end,” the crowd automatically booed. Love accusations of course. There were actually six songs left, four of which were made as debuts, including the last sonoton (Geobotix2017) and the end time is overtaken from prose fight. “Pause, I must rest, timeout!”

After Friday’s party, they’ll be hoping the rest of the warrior won’t be away from Montreal this time a quarter century.

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