An unprecedented attack against prostitution at the Canadian Grand Prix

In an unprecedented advertising campaign, Quebec will for the first time target clients of prostitution, reminding them that they are defying the law by paying for sex.

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If there is no demand, there will be no pimps and no victims. Customers need to understand that they are the cause of the problem, and that someone is being exploited because of them,” insisted Jenny Laurie Soleil, community organizer at Concertation des fights contre l’exploitation cultureurel (KEYS).

The organization overseeing this first advertising campaign aimed at customers is funded by Secrétariat à la condition féminine.

The aim, of course, is to address clients of prostitution, as well as sexual tourists, who see the Grand Prix du Canada as an opportunity to provide sexual services.

unknown law

Paying for sex is illegal in Canada. Starting next week, we will be able to read this slogan on various posters posted on street corners, in bus shelters, as well as on social networks.

On one of the posters, we see a man pulling banknotes from his pants.

  • Listen to Sophie Durocher’s interview with Martine P. Cottier, a UQ Masters in Laws candidate specializing in the societal environment with victims of sexual exploitation, on QUB Radio:

The Quebec government, in its report following the Special Committee on the Sexual Exploitation of Minors, also pledged to recall the criminal nature of the purchase of sexual services.

The law dates back to 2014 and is still unknown to people. Women come to see us, and are surprised when we tell them they are victims.”I Sully.

“Those who buy sexual services, do so with impunity because they don’t know it’s criminal, or because clients have few operations. Cote, who has worked with victims of sexual exploitation, said with regret: Montreal stuck with a reputation as a sex-buying paradise.

“Pimps know there is money to be made with demand that is going to explode, they want to find girls. It all starts with asking guys,” she added.

The awareness campaign is organized in collaboration with the United Nations Grand Prix Committee made up of Y des femmes, Prévention jeunesse Longueuil and Laval.

  • Listen to Philip Vincent Foissy’s interview with Tricia Murray, a survivor of sexual exploitation on QUB Radio:

Recruitment intensifies

Pimps are also in full employment as the Grand Prix approaches (See text below).

Tricia Murray, who left the sex industry over two years ago, is concerned about seeing various “subtle recruiting” techniques on social media.

Pimps let the dream shine there, and they make quick money.

“We promise lusterAnd the […] But most of them end up in a prostitution network,” noted Frans Clément, of the Center for Assistance and Combating Sexual Abuse (CALACS) La Chrysalide.

Popular events with pimps

After two years of forced outage, experts fear that the return of the Montreal Grand Prix and festivals this summer will draw more young women into the world of prostitution.

“It is well known that pimps currently recruit, prepare and train girls well,” the criminologist and columnist at register Maria Morani.

Over the past two years, the health crisis has overtaken the Canadian Grand Prix. But starting next week, Formula 1 cars will turn around the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Montreal. This is one of the first major events to take place in the city since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We expect slippages, because they’ve been there every time the health measures are lifted,” said Rose Sullivan, from the Gathering to Help Sexually Exploited Women.

prostitution “youth”

According to her, the pandemic has made young people more vulnerable and isolated, turn to the Internet, and downplay the importance of sex and prostitution. She sees it as the “perfect recipe for being more disastrous than ever” for some.

M added.I Sullivan.

The Grand Prix organization has tried for years to distance itself from what happens outside the track, especially at parties, despite everything, prostitution remains a “skin image” of Formula 1, believes M.I Morani.

‘With F1 prostitution is part of PackageShe added, unlike other festivals. There is a specific clientele in F1, which comes for party and prostitution, which seeks sport and sex. She believes that this prostitution is “young”.

“Not much was asked if I was underage like during the Montreal Grand Prix, or if I knew anything,” said Tricia Murray, a 29-year-old woman who left the industry. sex for more than two years.

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