Teams will be interested in Mike Hoffman

Since joining the NHL, Mike Hoffman hasn’t always looked like one of the most popular players. His talent was undeniable, but controversies followed him everywhere.

Even when he was playing in the juniors, he got himself into a lot of trouble. This is one of the reasons why he, even if he was an Ontario native, would have ended up in the QMJHL.

He’s played for four different teams in the past five years for good reason. He still scored 119 goals in 352 matches, which equates to an average production of 34 goals in 82 matches.

The winger was hired by Mark Bergevin to make up for Thomas Tatar’s loss and add a bit of energy to the hungry numerical advantage. Then he signed a three-year contract worth $13.5 million.

Just like the rest of the team, his final season with the Canadians never went as planned. Kitchener finished the year well with 11 points in his last 14 games, but only had 24 in his first 53 games.

For this reason, Hoffman is far from being untouchable within the organization.

According to the site Fourth periodAs with Jeff Petrie and Josh Anderson, many commercial rumors about him are spreading across the league.

An interest in Jeff Petrie and Josh Anderson is well known, but it should come as no surprise that there is an interest in Hoffman as well. His name was circulated in particular on the deadline for the exchanges.

No. 68 is 32 years old and has two more seasons on his contract with a salary of $4.5 million. The quality of his game will likely decline in the next few years, and it’s certainly not part of Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton’s long-term plan. In a perfect world, the Hab would have traded in this summer before it plummeted in value.

If he has had a better season with Montreal this year, then surely Hughes could get more in return than if he traded him now. However, with the arrival of Evgenii Dadonov and the potential return of Jonathan Drouin, there will be congestion on the wings in the top six and on the power game.

Even if a comeback isn’t great, trading Hoffman as soon as possible would be wise. Especially since Habs didn’t refuse the tax exemption…

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“I just don’t see how they can let him go.

Martin St. Louis should do the same.

– That would be a stroke of genius (another) from Yzerman.

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